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Morocan Islamic Comatent Group

Terrorist Group

Sarah Squier

on 9 March 2012

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Transcript of Morocan Islamic Comatent Group

Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group Groupe Islamique Combattant Marocain GICM Estabalished in 1990 Goals: Creation of an Islamic State
Support Al Qaeda's war against the west
Overthrow Moroccan monarchy Receives funding through narcotics trafficking Member's are moroccan recruits
who train in armed camps in Afghanistan Location: Morocco
Western Europe
Canada Involved in train bombings
in Madrid on March 11, 2004.
They attacked four Madrid trains
during morning rush hour.191 people
were killed and over 1,800 were injured. Allegedly responsible for bombing Casablanca on May 16, 2003.
Five bombs hit the area killing 45 people including 12 bombers. GICM suicide bombers attacked a synagogue and Jewish cemetary in May 2003. Thirty people were killed. GICM members have also been working with other North African extremists engaging in trafficking falsified documents and possibly gunrunning. Until recently Mohamed Guerbouzi was
thought to be the leader, but now is
debatable. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison The GICM threat level to the
U.S. is a 2.This is because
they do support Al Qaeda's
war against the west, however
much of the leaders in Morocco
and Europe have been killed,
imprissoned, or are awaiting trial. the group has scared many people by bombing.
the strategy is no longer successful since
many of the leaders and participents are in
jail waiting on trial or dead. the group attacts public places the GICM attacks
its enemy by
using bombs the group targets
the west and jewish
people first aperence of GICM
members was duing the war
between the soviet Union
and Afganistan this flag is said to be
the GICM flag GICM alleged leader
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