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Bias Through Selection and Omission

No description

Marla Namnama

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Bias Through Selection and Omission

This bias can be found by comparing the two different news organization cover the same story
You recognize this bias by looking at the right and left news sources

There was a debate about possible changes to student loan program. Fox news need not cover it. They ignored the vote in the house in which Republicans blocked the bill.
The left side of the media gave it covered it on the front page
We compared two news article about Ted Cruz running for president in 2016 and in one of the news articles it includes a statement that states, "Members of his own party have called him names like "fraud" and "wacko bird."
Bias Through Selection and Omission
Omission- someone or something has been excluded
Selection- the action of choosing someone or something as being the best or most suitable
Bias-leaving out one side of the article
Editor chooses to use or not to specific information
It is used to affect the readers opinion about the news presented or not affect them at all
Bias through Selection & Omission
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