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Career Shadowing

Lawton Chiles Middle Academy Physical Education Teacher Coach Foley

Ashleigh Yelvington

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing Coach Foley
Lawton Chiles Middle
Academy Pictures Purpose of the Company It is a school, and she is a physical education teacher. Her job is to make sure kids get the exercise they need that they might not get at home, and to educate them in health and sports. Where will this company be in 15 years? This school will probably be all technology based
and it will more than likely be an I.B. school as well
as an MYP school. They also hope to have out-
door basketball courts and fields. Would you persue a career in this field? Yes, I would. I love working with kids, and being active alot. I have a lot of patience, and I would feel very accomplished if I got to teach kids something new everyday and help them when ever they need it.
Salary The average salary varys with how long you have been a teacher
and how much you educate yourself for instance when you get your masters degree it allows you to get paid $2,181 more. The pay checks for teachers average between $35,000-$58,000. You absolutely need to have a bachelor's degree, and you have to take a series of tests before you can become a teacher. What skills do you need for this job? You need to have patience, communication skills, you need to know every student is unique, and knowledge in the field you are teaching. For communication skills she said that it is very easy to mis-read emails, and she would rather talk on the phone to hear the tone of voice. You have to love it and be excited, or the kids won't be excited.
What did you like most about this job? I liked the fact that you could stay active all day, and interact with
the kids. The job also starts early in the morning so I can end earlier
in the day and have more time at home to be with my family. What do you dislike about this job? I don't like that we have a really short lunch time. We had to
eat and get back to the gym really fast, Our lunch was about 15 minutes long. Another thing that I didn't like to much was the kids
asking the same questions every class period, and they have really
bad attitudes sometimes. What technology is used in this job? They use their laptops to put in grades, take roll, and
participationpoints, they use a sound system to play
music and talk on the microphone while the students
are playing, they have the students look up things for
sports reports as well. Ashleigh Yelvington
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