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Dr. Sylvester Graham

An American Reformer

jane horak

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Dr. Sylvester Graham

Dr. Sylvester Graham An American Reformer His Criticisms of American Society His Methods of Improving American Life His Success with these Methods What made him interesting "(People)constantly disturb the physiological functions and impair the physiological powers of their bodies, by the use of those alcoholic, narcotic, and other substances, which are taken purely for their stimulating effect, and which completely destroy, for any nice physiological purposes, all general facts in relation to the dietetic habits of man." ~Dr. Sylvester Graham Agent of Pennsylvania Temperance Society He wrote lectures and articles
and lived out what he taught
-Treatise on Bread and Bread Making
-Lecture on Epidemic Diseases Generally and Particularly the Spasmodic Cholera
Gained followers known as "Grahamites"
-Graham Boarding houses supported their life styles
-Many also lived on the Brook Farm communal society Graham flour (coarsely-ground, chemical free, unbleached flour) and Graham bread (which was made with the flour) Diet Hygiene Use of Alcohol (and other such substances) from his Lectures on the Science of Human Life (1794-1851) Promoted a vegetarian lifestyle and temperance for healthful and moral reasons Helped in founding the American Vegetarian Society Trying to Reach His Goals He wanted people to reduce their consumption of meat products and alcohol to produce a much healthier and more moral life style This request was too drastic too completely impact America BUT... Graham's Impact Today 1)Vegatarian/Vegan lifestyle are very prevalent GRAHAM CRACKERS Graham (Whole Wheat) Flour Effects of His Reform 2)More public awareness on healthier life styles (health food stores, etc.) 3)Regular showering/bathing Influenced John Harvey Kellogg, the inventor of Granola Bibliography http://www.healthline.com/galecontent/graham-sylvester#1 http://www.helium.com/items/2186726-biography-sylvester-graham He believed in a strict and plain vegetarian diet and that one should only drink water and cheerfulness at meals no spices or meat(as they were considered arousing), old cheeses (any cheese older than 3 months), and a limited sugar and butter intake (and the butter should never be melted). whole-wheat, homemade bread was suggested "Half of the diseases which prevail among us may be traced to obstructions of skin, and that the use of a bath, accompanied by severe friction, conduces an eminent degree of health and long life" He promoted that bathing should be frequent ~The Graham Journal of Health and Longevity Also included in this category was coffee, tea, cider, and tobacco. He also thought medicine was pointless because, in his opinion, it ceased to work after constant use. He was threatened by a group of butchers and bakers in Boston because of an upcoming lecture he was going to present Many people were also driven away by his request of good hygiene - taking a bath was a lot of work (no plumbing) It required people to change just about everything in their lives in many products as well as sold by itself although they are much sweeter than the original ones
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