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Call of Duty

No description

Harkirat Gill

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Call of Duty

First Person Shooter game. There have been 8 games in the COD series.
The series has made amazing improvements with its first game released in 2003 with predefined weapons.
The only feature that has not been removed from COD 1 is the killcam which allows you to watch the brutality of other player.
Cod 4 was the largest expansion of the multi-player series. It had great customization.
CoD 5 introduced Zomby mod where you, with a friend, can take down on zombies.
9th game of the series will be released in this november. Evolution of CoD Besides from the people who are actually involved in the making of the game, COD helps alot more people make money. This is done using Youtube. Profesional COD players post Tips/Tricks videos which helps them make money. Call of duty as a career It is anticipated to be the most played game of all time.
People enjoy this game so much that they watch other players play on youtube. COD addiction There is more to Call Of Duty than just a hobby.
It's about achievements and showing off those achievements to your friends. COD as ambition More Stats about Call of Duty... Reference to the articles:
http://tinyurl.com/8gw3wrf Different types of players... There are many variations.
You can snipe, play aggressive/defensive.
You can go for more kills and improve your KDR, or play objective and help your team win the game.
This is the probably the main reason for COD success. You can choose how "YOU" want to play, not how the game wants you to play. Infinity ward VS. Treyarch Activision, a gaming company, gives these two rivals a chance to make their game better than the other one.
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