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Ryan Woodward Presentation VAR

No description

Vikki Roberts

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Ryan Woodward Presentation VAR

ARTIST & ANIMATOR MY PROPOSAL Final Major Project Vikki Roberts
(FD) Animation

Visual Presentation
Unit 10
Professional & Contextual Studies Introduction Work Personal
Projects Reflection RYAN WOODWARD Born: 27th April 1972.
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Worked as an animator since the mid 1990's.
After completing an animation training program with Warner Brothers he was accepted to work on their film feature, (Space Jam) - launching his entire career. 'As computer-intensive as it is, even Space Jam began with talented animators drawing some of the most famous cartoon characters in the world in the usual way: with pencil on paper.' Positions held over the years on feature films: Traditional / Digital EFX Animator
Traditional Character Animator
Animatic Artist
Storyboard Artist
Concept Animator
Character & Concept Designer Motion Picture Studios Include: Warner Brothers Feature Animation
Walt Disney Pictures
Sony Pictures
Cartoon Network
Marvel Entertainment
Universal Studios
Dreamworks Pictures Currently working as an Associate Professor at Brigham Young University. (Department of Visual Arts.)

Gesture Drawing
Visual Development
Business & Ethics Practices. Laika Animation Studios - Head of Story.
Captain America 2 - Storyboard Artist.
Snow White & The Huntsman - Concept Animator.
The Avengers - Storyboard Artist.
Cowboys & Aliens - Storyboard and Animatic Artist.
Thundercats - Character Designer.
Where The Wild Things Are - Storyboard Artist.
Space Jam - EFX Designer. Work Story Boarding Work Animatics Work Animations Top Left: Plankton Animation. (Commission.)
Bottom Left: Osmosis Jones. (Warner Bros.)
Right: Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker. (Warner Bros.) Top Left: Animatic Produced for 'The Banshee.'
Bottom: Contributions to Feature Films.
The Avengers.
Cowboys & Aliens.
Iron Man 2.
Spider Man.
Where The Wild Things Are. Bottom of the Ninth (Most Recent.)
Animated Graphic Novel.

Children's Story

Thought of You.
A Short 2D Animated Film 'Thought of You'
The first animated film i saw before starting this course. The fluidity and expressive drawing style inspired me. 'I get really bored when i start to see repetitive design principles.' His style appeals to vast audiences.
Able to change his artist approach.
Works closely with industry.
Believes 'Gesture Drawing' is an important aspect as an aspiring artist.
Challenges himself on a personal level to try new things and create something that portrays emotion through his passion for the art form. Ryan has had a range of job roles over his career, particialy because of industry changes but mostly as he gets tired doing the same thing for too long. 'His style is distinctive yet appeals to vast and commercial audiences.'
The Avengers.
Where The Wild Things Are.
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