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June 2014 Freshman Orientation Presentation

Warren College's academic advising presentation for our 2013-2014 freshman orientation program.

Rebecca Williams

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of June 2014 Freshman Orientation Presentation

College Academic Advising

UC San Diego Writing Center, Mandeville 127

Department Faculty and Staff Advising

Academic Internship Program Advising

Career Services Center for graduate and professional school advising and career advising

Programs Abroad Advising

Research opportunities for undergraduates - see TritonLink- search “undergraduate research”
Earl Warren College

Programs of Concentration
Two Programs of Concentration (PofCs)

Six courses, four units each, three of which must be upper-division (numbered 100 and above)

Both PofCs must be non-contiguous to the major and to each other, and must represent the two disciplines outside your major
Area Studies
Two Area Studies (AS) are required
Three courses, four-units each, two of which must be upper-division (numbered 100 and above)
Engineering Majors (B.S.) Only
Both AS must be non-contiguous to the major and to each other
AS must represent the two disciplines outside your major
- Humanities & Fine Arts
- Social Science
Warren College General Education
Minimum 180 units, 60 of which must be upper-division

American History & Institutions (AHI)

Entry-Level Writing Requirement

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Minimum 2.0 (C average) quarterly and cumulative UC GPA
University Requirements
Academic Advising
Orientation 2014

Lower-division prerequisites

Twelve or more four-unit, upper-division courses

Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
Warren College Writing Program: WCWP 10A/B

Ethics and Society: PHIL 27 OR POLI 27 and PHIL 28 OR POLI 28
Formal Skills
All majors except Engineering Majors (B.S.): Two Programs of Concentration (PofCs)

Engineering Majors (B.S.): Two Area Studies (AS)
Toward a Life in Balance
A minor may be approved in lieu of a PofC or Area Study
Minimum of 7 courses,
at least 5 of which must be upper-division
Must meet the College's rule on non-contiguity and non-overlap

Check the minor department website for specifics
Academic History
Reviewing Your
Degree Audit
Baccalaureate (IB) Credit
Scores of 3 or better
Academic department and College determine if subject credit may be applied
Students cannot receive credit for a UC San Diego course that duplicates AP credit
See Academic Advising Guide or the General Catalog for AP chart
AP credit and equivalencies may differ depending on the year the test was taken - See an academic counselor for details
University Policies
Minimum progress - 36 units/year

Maximum 25% of UC units can be taken Pass/Not Pass

Academic Senate regulations allow only one "W" withdrawal per course

Maximum units

Undeclared students must declare a major before reaching 90 units
Add/Drop Quarterly Deadlines
Friday, September 26, 2014
Registration fee payment deadline
(after this date, late fees apply)
Thursday, October 2, 2014
Classes dropped if registration payment not received
Thursday, Week 2
Waitlist ends - Thursday evening
Friday, Week 2
Last day to add a course
Friday, Week 4
Deadline to drop without a "W" on transcript or to change grading option
Friday, Week 9
Deadline to drop with a "W" on transcript
Week 10
No schedule changes allowed
Advising Resources at UC San Diego
Symbolic Logic
Computer Programming
Walk-In Advising
Individual Appointments
Virtual Advising Center
How did you modify your study habits during your first year at UC San Diego?
How do your college classes differ from high school?

What strategies did you use for classes with
over 300 students?
How have you connected with your professors or TAs at UC San Diego?
In college you have midterms and cumulative exams. How do you prepare for tests?
How was grading different in college than in high school?

How do you monitor your progress for classes that grade on a curve?
What was your experience with declaring and/or changing your major?
• Majors can lead to a variety of different careers and
opportunities, some of which may be unplanned and

• Many graduate programs recruit from a variety of majors
Certain programs may require specific prerequisites

• Employers and graduate programs look for a “balanced student.”
Critical thinking skills, extracurricular activities, job/internship experience, GPA, rigor of coursework, and volunteer work are all taken into consideration

• Be open to growth and change! Many students discover new
passions or interests during their college career, which may lead
them in unanticipated directions… such as a new major. Keep an
open mind and don’t be afraid to visit campus offices for guidance
and support.

Notes on Your Major Choice and Careers/Graduate Programs
As continuing students in Winter quarter, you will enroll using the two-pass system.

First Pass: Students are assigned a 48 hour window and may enroll in up to 11.5 units. Waitlisting is unavailable during the first pass.

Second Pass: Students may enroll in up to 19.5 units. Waitlisting is available during the second pass.

First Day of Classes: Students may enroll in up to 22 units using WebReg.

Continuing Student Enrollment

UC grants 8 units of credit for each higher level IB exam
Scores of 5 or higher
Academic department and College determine if subject credit may be applied
Students cannot receive credit for a UC San Diego course that duplicates IB credit
IB credit limit at UCSD is 30 units
IB credit and equivalencies may differ depending on the year the test was taken - See an academic counselor for details
Advanced Placement(AP)
Double Major
- Can be declared after 90 units
- Questions? See counselor!
for Enrollment
August 4: Enrollment Appointment Times Unveiled
August 14: Course Recommendations
August 18 - September 1: E-Advising opens
Review the Four-Year Educational Plan for your major
Tips and tools to help you prepare...
Can be accessed via the "Four Year Education Plans" tab at newstudent.ucsd.edu
Explore the Schedule of Classes
Watch Academic Advising instructional videos
Available on the Academic Advising page at warren.ucsd.edu
Transfer Credit
Courses must be transferable see assist.org for community college courses

Transfer credit from another college or university is determined by UCSD Office of Admissions

Verify that courses do not duplicate credit

Academic department and College determine whether transferred credit will apply toward major, minor, or general-education requirements

Enrollment Expectations

Schedule of Classes

Random enrollment appointment times

Be flexible!

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