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Ted Valentin

on 25 January 2012

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Transcript of Inhouse

"...the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated." Ted Valentin Do you wake up in the morning thinking...

"I want to incrase the tax base, give other people a job, and let other people make money from investing in my company" Why do you start a business... Freedom Creativity Money Flow "Skaparglädje" Where. When. What. Scalability Freedom Creativity Money Inget riskkapital
Minimala kostnader
"Do it Yourself" blog: tedvalentin.com
twitter: @tedvalentin Let's do the math! Revenue
User x Users Revenue = “I didn't fail, I just found
100 ways to do it wrong” Behöver
du idéer? 24hbc www.24hbc.com Benjamin Franklin Min bakgrund Några av mina sajter 10.000 hours * 2 billion people internet users
* Faster connections, more time online
* Sweden in forefront
* New technologies change everything every three years Allt man behöver: "Make things as simple as
possible, but not simpler" Webbens faser:
2000 - Portaler
2003 - Google
2007 - Web 2.0
2010 - Sociala webben
2013 - ??? Where does innovation happen? * enabling technologies
* time to experiment
* young age Examples:
* Instagr.am
* Cloud 9
* Facemash.com (watch movie?) The problem with Sweden * No entrepreneurs, just "consultants"
* Existing business, no "new business"
* Who has taken advantage of the Facebook API? Felaktiga signaler: "Experimentfasen"

Testa många idéer, se vad som fastnar
Håll det enkelt (både idé & genomförande)
Bygg snabbt, misslyckas ofta "Byggfasen"

Bygg beständiga relationer
Saker tar TID - räkna med tre år Tid till en miljon användare:
• Twitter, jul 2006: 2 år
• Foursquare, mar 2009: 1 år
• SCVNGR, maj 2010: 9 månader
• Shopkick, aug 2010: 6 månader
• Instagram, okt 2010, 2 månader Livsstilsentreprenörer Konsulter Startups "Entreprenörer" Google: 20% time
Facebook: Hackatons

Eller bygg på fritiden Kom-igång-tips:
Att starta är det svårtaste.
Börja litet.
Lås dig inte till en idé.
Misslyckas fort, försök igen.
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