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Social Media

No description

Matt Kane

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Social Media

Why Social Media Matters
A Void in the Web
Other Social Media Platforms
The Next Step
Social media is the biggest thing we're missing
Our logo will become more recognizable and brand awareness will increase
People will want to know more about our company and will try to keep up with it however possible
Social media and a stronger web presence provide a platform for increased brand involvement and product hype
Main Goal: Strengthen the brand and generate revenue
Formed in 2001
Easy to navigate
Gateway to social media
Find Retailer
Top of the homepage works well
Easy navigation
Highlights new products
The rest is too busy
Homepage should be jumping off point
Majority of info and content should be contained off homepage
Dropdown menu that allows you to view different FOX teams
Easily translatable to our company
Select team/school
Display all of our products for that school
Provide links to online dealers in case it’s not carried by local retailers
Enter name
While waiting, customer is told about benefits of FOX VIP membership
Connected to customer service agent within seconds
Useful for helping customers with product information and assisting them in site navigation
Most popular site among those aged 13-24
Over 44 billion posts
Live feed of posts from blogs that you follow
You can also post to your own dashboard
Enter email
Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr
Company YouTube page
Videos that relate to and promote the company and its products
Promote, Promote, Promote
Asks opinions
Acknowledges followers
Communicates promotions
Consumer Engagement
Word/Phrase prefixed with '#'
Allows for the grouping of messages
Increased exposure

Most widely used social network
Over 1 BILLION users as of 2012 and hosts over 15 million brands
A 2009 Compete.com study ranked Facebook as the most used social networking service by worldwide monthly active users
Greater Reach
How Competitors Are Promoting

“Fan Content” on New Era’s website
Consumer Recognition
Social Media Integration
Links (like the one below) send customers to Major Retailers
Gives consumers a chance to browse the breadth of your selection
Better branding for your retailers, improving relationships
Ultimately leads to sales
Retailer Integration
New Era
Top of the World
Search Engine Quality
Create an Instagram and Pinterest
Can be done in matter of minutes
Properly maintain Twitter & Facebook
Ongoing process
Provide links to all of our major retail outlets on website
Display new styles on homepage with a link that shows you how to go about buying it
Get into contact with high-traffic blogs for more brand exposure
What Happens Now?

Works Cited
Give Credit Where It Is Due
QR Codes
The rental car company Hertz used a Facebook campaign to increase visibility
“Share It Up” distributed coupons via Facebook
Users who shared w/ Facebook friends could accrue greater and greater discounts
At least 45% of users who saw it, shared it.
How Has Facebook Worked For Others?
Graph Search:
Allows a company to query all of Facebook for keywords in an effort to create an accurate target market
Promoted Posts:
Come up on users’ News Feed (unlike Facebook Ads/Sponsored Stories)
Link sends you to promoter’s website
Can target using several factors including age, location, interests, etc
Facebook’s Business-Only Features
Why Get Involved in Blogging?
LIDS' Blog
Priority List
1. Website
2. Facebook and Twitter Improvements/Maintenance
3. Instagram and Pinterest
Social networking platform
Users create a personal profile => add other users as “friends” => exchange messages with “friends”
Users can see what their “friends” are saying via the News Feed
Users can visit company’s profiles and “like” them, thus allowing the company to show up on that user’s news feed
Facebook: What is it?
2011 Ford Explorer Facebook Campaign
Sweepstakes offering people the chance to win one of the newest models once the Ford Explorer page reached 30,000 likes
Unveiled the new model on the Facebook site
In a survey of the fans that were exposed to the campaign , 77% said the reveal had positively impacted their shopping considerations
How Has Facebook Worked For Others?
Promote special deals
Customer Service
Can deal with questions, complaints immediately
Showcase products being sold
Create hype around products that are coming in near future
Asks questions to get feedback from customers
Links to all other social media platforms
How Our Competitors Are Using Facebook
Utilize Facebook’s advertising features to generate a bigger base for promotions and product launches
Use it as a way to revamp our brand
Use us interns as “social media ambassadors” to oversee all accounts and respond to customers in a timely fashion
What Can We Do?
Promoted Posts
Advertisements that show up in the News Feed of specifically targeted users
Will target just our friends and their friends (potentially reaching up to 8,200 people)
Each post costs $15 and will increase the likelihood of people seeing it
We believe this should be used strictly to communicate promotional deals
Budget: What’s All This Going To Cost?
Online photo-sharing and social networking site (as of now it is strictly mobile)
Lets users take pictures, add creative filters and then share them
When you decide to follow someone, that user’s photo stream will appear in your feed
Users “like” photos to show admiration and can comment on photos too
Instagram: What is it?
As of 2012, Instagram has over 100 million users (all mobile)
This makes it the LARGEST mobile social networking site
Statigram, an analytical tool for Instagram, allows you to view over 60 different metrics corresponding to your account
Helps with marketing and determining who your main target audience is
Quantitative Data
The Brooklyn Bowl: a 16-lane bowling alley and rock n roll venue
Campaign encourages people to snap photos at the club – “be it of your bowling shoes, Blue Ribbon fried chicken, or your best electric slide” – and tag them #brooklynbowl for a chance to win 2 free tickets to any upcoming show.
How Others Are Using Instagram
Offer followers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their company
Polls followers to see which hats they prefer
Utilizes hashtagging to communicate new promotions
More than just displaying their products, offers a lot of “lifestyle” photos
These humanize the company and give them a face
Helps consumers connect with the brand
How Our Competitors Are Using Instagram
First things first: Create an Instagram account for our company and begin a following
Take photos of some of our best sellers and showcase our laidback atmosphere to give our followers an idea of what we’re all about here
We will be able to manage all of this via our mobile phones and would not take too much time out of our day
What Can We Do?
Creating an Instagram is free
Instagram does not have the extensive amount of business features that some of the other platforms have
The only cost involved in this endeavor is that of labor
Budget: What’s All This Going To Cost?
Use all social networking sites to promote whether it is a coupon or just promoting our brand
Perhaps we could showcase our artists in a way to promote our company’s employees (something Zephyr is doing)
What Can We Do?
What is a Blog?
Short for "Web Log"
Provide commentary on a specific subject
Blog websites such as Strictly Fitteds and Oh Snap! Backs are among the popular ones in our industry
The more our brand incorporates social media, the likelihood of being noticed by bloggers increases
Promoted tweets and accounts
Fill in the blanks
Work with Lids and other retailers for product launches
Retweeting and hashtagging are great for networking
Luxology software company
Promoted their account
Released information about their new product exclusively through promoted tweets
Followers increased by 1,200%, from 1,700 to 22,000
30% increase in website activity
70% increase in sales from previous release
Over 550 million twitter users
135,000 new users per day
Average user is 37 years old
55% of users are over age 35
“Pin Your Way to Paradise”
Online scavenger hunt
Pinterest users pinned pictures that matched the clues

Focus on collegiate athletics
The college sports experience
Explore ways to engage Pinterest users in our website
80% of users are female

50% of users are moms

“Pin” content from the web

Boards organize pins by topic

All content links back to original source
Accessed straight from the web
Don’t have to have a user name to view
Hook up with Instagram
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