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The Hunger Games vs. The lottery

No description

Wang Yingshi

on 16 August 2016

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Transcript of The Hunger Games vs. The lottery

- Characters -- as the protagonists have the experience and living environment which is dystopia in common.

- Conflicts -- both have the similar conflict of society system, internal conflict and the conflict with people.

Thesis statement
"The Lottery" and "The Hunger Games" are similar in terms of:
Critical flaw
Plot: The Hunger Games
Media Connections
Here is a visual essay between Shirley Jackson's short story The Lottery and the film The Hunger Games. This Presentation will tell you that the similarities and differences between the short story and the film.
By: Wang Yingshi
Characters Profiles
Labeled diagram with both plots
Literary Devices

Thesis Statements
- plot -- the stories have similar elements of themes -- as both stories teach us that do not lose our own judgement of right things and wrong things. Moreover, they also teach us we need to fight for ourselves when our authority has been violated.

- literary devices -- both incorporate symbolism, foreshadowing, irony.
Katniss Everdeen
Tessie Hutchinson
Character's Name:
Katniss Everdeen
Role: a protagonist.
Age: 16-18 years old
An independent strong survivalist, a highly skilled archer, selfless

The Hunger Games
Straight black hair, olive skin with grey eyes.She normally ties her hair in a long braid down her back.
Most striking features:
Katniss is very goot at archery.
Her speaking voice:
calm, most of time her voice without emotion, cool. Sometimes, her voice sounds very hysterical and exicited.

How they change internally throughout the story?
Katniss changes at the begining of the film, she replaces her sister to compete
in the Hunger Games.
So the story of her in the Hunger Games begins. Afterwards, she changes her mind to accept the suggestion that pretend Katniss and Peeta to become couple.
Her actions:
Katniss is a real cool girl. She always acts without emotion. She is always calm and dare to do everything.

What's more...
External Conflicts:
• Person versus Society -- As a punishment for a past rebellion against the Capitol, one boy and one girl from each of the 12 remaining districts, between the ages of 12 and 18, are selected by lottery to compepte in the Hunger Games. Although people are not willing to do that, they still has been forced to join in, even though they feel frightened.
• Person versus person:
the boys and girls come from the distract 1 are chasing Katniss and Peeta. They wants to fight them and kill them.

Internal Conflicts:
- Katniss' sister is chosen to compete in the Hunger Games. Katniss replaces her sister as a voulunteer. When she knows her sister is chosen, there are a few minutes that she hesitates. Thus, this is a internal conflict when she is considering if she replaces her sister.
- When Haymitch wants her to pretend herself and Peeta to become a couple in order to entertain the rich people live in capitol.Katniss does not want to do that because she does not love Peeta and not willing to betray her boyfriend. That is a internal conflict. Finally, she agrees in order to get some helps from the sponsors when she competes in the Hunger Games.
The lottery -- Tessie Hutchinson
Role: protagonist; a mid adult woman
Age: 40-45 years old
Appearance: short curly hair, a big eyes
She is a selfish woman because when she gets the right lottery, she tries to let her family replaces her and tries to convince people that" It wasn't fair" (Jackson, 5)
Her speaking voice: a shrill voice, exciting voice.
Behaviors: her actions likes a normal housekeeper. Grinning.
How they change internally throughout the story?
Mrs. Hutchinson first late to the ritual, and she acts like there is nothing important and relaxed. Afterward, she become crazy when she knows that she gets the right lottery.

The Conflicts:
External Conflict:
- Person versus Society: Tessie Hutchinson lives in a small American town, there is a town's annual tradition— a lottery in which every family must participate. The person who gets the right lottery. He/She has to be threw stones until he/she died. So no one wants to win.
- Person versus Person: When Tessie chooses the right lottery, she keeps saying "it wasn't fair" (Jackson 5) She struggles to escape this situation and everyone throw the stones to her until she died.
- Tessie Hutchinson draws the "winning" ticket and she keeps saying that "it wasn't fair".
Rising Action
- Names are called and slips are drawn.
- Mr. Hutchinson late to the ritual because she forgets it.
-Jack helps her mother to draw.
Falling Action
• Tessie Hutchinson pleads for mercy. She tries to let her family instead of her.
• Everyone moves on to her.
• Learn about the tradition of the lottery in this small sometime around 1950-1960
Inciting Incident
• Mr. Summers starts the lottery process.
• There are some boys are piling the stones together.
• Every parent calls their children come to the ritual.
• Tessie Hutchinson is stoned to death
Themes : Fear
The lottery:
The Hunger Games:
Most of people who are living in the 12 districts are afraid of their name are chosen to complete in the Hunger Games. Once they are chosen to compete, they have few change to win so that they are afraid. During the Hunger Games, they have to dare to kill others, otherwise, they would be killed by other people.There is only one person could survive from the all competitors.
People are living in the small American town are afraid of their name, or their family name are selected from the black box because once their name is chosen, one of their family members would be killed by throwing stones. Before Mr. Summer starts the ritual, a lot of children are pilling up the stone. At that moment, fear is growing up “They stood together, away from the pile of stones in the corner” (Jackson, 1) This fear could not be removed until the end of the ritual.
Theme: People are good or evil
The Lottery
Everyone is a kind person in the small American. They are friendly to everyone. In the ritual of the lottery, Tessie is late to the ritual. Citizens tell her what happen and “The people separated good-humoredly to let her through” (Jackson, 2) Later on, when Tessie chose the lottery with black box, people start move in on her “A stone hit her on the side of the head”.Mass stones are hitting on her until she died. At that moment, nobody tries to save her or help her. They just enjoy this ritual and trust what Steve Adams says “"Nothing but trouble in that,” (Jackson, 4)

The Hunger Games
Unfortunately, Katniss and Peeta are chosen to compete in the hunger games. The rich people who lives in Capitol are joyful about that. They set up the Hunger Games as a punishment for the past rebellion. In reality, they are just enjoying this “show”. They make fun in watching people are being killed or killing people. At this point, people are evil. However, when Katniss and Peeta are chosen, people in 12 districts are very upset. Moreover, Katniss and Peeta’s tutor Haymitch and their stylist Cinnaare good people because they tries to help them to survive in the hunger games. During the Hunger Games, Haymitch tries his best to find the sponsors for Katniss and Peeta.
Both the story and the movie use foreshadowing to refer something distinctive
• The Lottery
The author of the story describes the scenes "selecting the smoothest and roundest stone" (Jackson, 1). It foreshadows that there will be something happen with stone. At the end of the story, it mentions that "The pile of stones the boys had made earlier was ready"(Jackson, 7).

• The Hunger Games
At the beginning of the movie, Katniss' sister's scream is filled with the 12th district. She dreams that she got the lottery to compete in the Hunger Games. That foreshadows that she is unfortunately selected later. Thus, there is the following story that Katniss replaces her sister to compete in the Hunger Games.

Symbol Cup
The Hunger Games
Mockingjay: It represents defiance in the Hunger Games. It also becomes a connection between katniss and Rue, with two using the Mockingjay to communicate.
The Hunger Games
Katniss' dress stands for Katniss' spirit. Cinna designs for Katniss a fire dress. It symbolizes "the girl who was on fire" and literal represents of Katniss' inner "fire".
The Lottery
The Black box: the box is used to hold the lottery. That is a very old black box and it represents the outdated tradition. Although it has grown shabbier each year, people still don't want to change a new one, it likes citizens don't want to change this tradition.
The Lottery
The stones: when Tessie picks the lottery with black dot, people throw stones to her until she died. It represents death and cruel because nobody helps Tessie and almost every one join in.
The Lotteries
The lottery has symbolism in the short story and the film. In
The Hunger Games
, it symbols death and the foolish cruel hunger game. However, it has the same symbolism death in
The Lottery.
It also stands for the foolhardy tradition that passed down from generation to generation.
Falling Action:
- Katniss destroys the career tributes' food and supplies.
- RUe is killed.
- There is a change occurs that states if the last two surviving tributes are from the same district they will both be victors.
-Katniss finds Peeta and then saves his life. Afterward, they pretends to love in love with each other.
- Cato is killed by mutated mutts that were given by the man in Capitol.
- The rule changes again so that there is only one victor.

In a small American town, Katniss lives with her family in 12th district. Every year people live in the 12 districts. There are one boy and one girl are chosen by the citizens in Capitol to compete in the Hunger Games.

Rising Action
Inciting Incident:
Katniss' sister is chosen to compete in the hunger game. Then Katniss replaces her sister as a volunteer to join in. Peeta also is chosen.
- Katniss says goodbye to her family and travels to the Capitol with Peeta.
- During the tribute testing Katniss scores an eleven out of thwlve.
-Peeta and Katniss attracts everyone's attention in Capitol.
- Every tribute is sent into the forest where the Hunger Game takes place.
Rising Action:
- The Hunger Game begins and Katniss and Peeta immediately run as fast as far away as she can after they get their things.
-Peeta pretends to help the other teams to catch Katniss. Later on, Rue saves her.

- Peeta and Katniss decided eat the poisonous fruits because they want to survive together.
-The Capitol changes the rules back to there can be two victors, so Peeta and Kaniss survive.
- Peeta and Katniss come back to their district.

The Hunger Games
The Lottery
- There are 12 districts in the novel. The tributes are chosen from this 12 districts. So there are 24 victims who suffer from the Hunger Game.
- The Hunger Games is held as a punishment for the past rebellion.
- In the Hunger Games, the tributes have to compete with others. The only way they can survive is through competing, or they died. Their is only one victor.
- People who lives in the 12 districts, have a strong awareness to rebel. But they has been controlled by the Capitol. When Rue is killed and Katniss becomes very upset, citizens become angry and tries to rebel, though lastly they still has been controlled by the armies of the Capitol.
- The protagonist does not kill at last because her fight.
- There is a small American town which has around 300 people. There is only one victim every year.
- The ritual is held for years from generation to generation. This ritual of the lottery is an old tradition.
- After drawing the lotteries, the person who picks the lottery with black point has to accept this fact. He/She does not have change to fight for themselves.
-Citizens in this town lose their own mind and own judgement. They can not judge the right thing and wrong thing. They only follow the Steven Adams who has already experienced 77 times the lottery ritual. Steven Adams tells citizen ""Listening to the young folks, nothing's good enough for them. " (Jackson, 4). Citizens just believe that and think throwing stones to a person is right tradition.
- Tessie died at last and she could not against the people and the tradition, though she screams that "It wasn't fair" until she died.
-The lottery: The leader uses the lottery to decided a person who compete in the Hunger Games or being killed.
-Inequality: there are two inequality society. The rich people or the high status do not need to join the lottery ritual. In the Hunger Games, people in Capitol do not need to do that. Also, Steven Adams and Mr. Summer do not need to draw the lottery.
Differences and Similarities
- Katniss wants to safeguard her sister from the cruel Hunger Game so that she replaces her to compete. This flaw cause her get into danger. Luckily, she becomes one of the victors in the Hunger Game though her effort.
-Tessie is a mid-age housekeeper and she is selfish. When she is chosen the lottery with a black point, she becomes crazy. Then she tries to let her family replaces her " "You didn't give him time enough to take any paper he wanted." (Jackson, 5) .
The film
"The Hunger Games "
and the novel
"The Lottery"
are similar based on their similar theme: fear and People are both good and evil. When they are supposed to accept the lottery, people feel afraid because they would died in the ritual by being thrown the stones, died in the Hunger Games by being killed by others. People are good and evil which are shown in the film and the novel. The evils who are the Capitol are held the Hunger Games in order to have fun in
The Hunger Games.
The evils Steven Adams and Mr. Summer hold the ritual as a "right" ritual. Furthermore, Haymitch and Cinna are good person because they tries their best to help Katniss and Peeta in Hunger Games. Also, the citizens are good and friendly at first though they are innocent and lose their own judgement.
Symbolism and foreshadowing are the usual literary devices which are used in the novel and film.
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