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Grace S. Zhang

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Shanghai

Oriental Pearl Tower
By: Grace S. Zhang
Grace Y. Zhang
Rohini Jangi
Icon of Shanghai - sophisticated shopping, dining, and drinking
The Bund
- Located in Pudong District
- Total investment: $1 million+
- 101 floors; 492 meters tall
- World’s fourth tallest building with multiple services
World Financial Center
Huang Pu River Cruise
- Go on a cruise of the mother river of Shanghai
- Morning cruise 9am-12:30pm
-Evening cruise 2pm-5:30pm
-Night cruise 7pm-9pm
Shanghai Acrobatic Dome
- Sixth highest tower in the world
467.9 meters
- 360 degree view of Shanghai
- Home to Shanghai Urban History and Development Museum
History of Shanghai since it commercial port
- 3 million visitors a year
- one of China's oldest and largest travel agencies
- breathtaking acrobatic shows
- Park Hyatt Shanghai
In World Financial Center
Shiji Dadao 100
- Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai
Weihai Lu 500, Jing An
- Mansion Hotel
Xinle Lu 82, Xuhui
Pudong Shangri-La Fucheng Lu 33, Pudong
- St. Regis Shanghai
Dongfang Lu 889, Pudong
- Located on the 32 and 33 floor of the Hyatt on Bund
- Tremendous views of waterfront of Huangpu river and Pudong district
-Plenty of places for lounging
Vue Bar
Circular tables perfect for groups of people toasting, laughing, drinking beer, and spinning the lazy Susan covered in food
Typical Restaurants
- Rice
- Jiaozi (dumplings)
- Foie gras
- Kobe beef teppanyaki
- Baked yam
-Nian gao
Foods To Enjoy
- Meilongzhen
- T8
- Roosevelt Steakhouse
- Jade on 36
- Whampoa Club
Top 5 Restaurants
- Shanghai No. 1 Art Museum
surrounded by rich artistic atmosphere
5,000 years of history
- Rockbund Art Musejum
contemporary art
Well known artists like Cai Guo-Qiang and Zhang Huan
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