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Slaughterhouse Five--Character Map


William Li

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Slaughterhouse Five--Character Map

Slaughterhouse Five
Character Map William Li Billy Pilgrim WWII Veteran
Successful optometrist
Unstuck in time Kurt Vonnegut Author of the book
POW during bombing of Dresden
Traumatized Mind Bernhard V. O'Hare Wartime pal of Vonnegut
Helped Vonnegut with memories
Real character War Buddy Husband and Wife Mary O'Hare Hated Wars
Book was dedicated to her Gerhard Müller Took Vonnegut and O'Hare back to slaughterhouse

Sent Christmas card Taxi Driver Roland Weary Stupid and Cruel
Deluded: Imagined 3 Musketeers War Buddy Wild Bob Insane American colonel
Lost all his regiment Met one time Billy's Mother Ambivalent about decisions
Embarrassed Billy Billy's Father Dropped Billy in the pool
Rescued him later
Illustration of Free Will Mother and Son Father and Son Married Murderer of Billy Paul Lazzaro POW
Planned Billy's assassination
Revenge for Weary Edgar Derby Survivor of Dresden's incineration
Sentenced to die by firing squad Husband and Wife Valencia Merble Wife of Billy
Loves Billy dearly
Had two children Tralfamadorians Philosophies of Time
Shaped like toilet plungers Eliot Rosewater Veteran at hospital
Suffer postwar problems
Help Billy Escape Helper of Billy Kilgore Trout Author of sci-fis
Vonnegut's alter ego Helper of Billy Father and Son Robert Pilgrim Failure and Delinquent at school
Green Beret in Vietnam
Illustrate Billy's postwar problems Father and Daughter Barbara Pilgrim Billy's Daughter
Family Trouble
Represent follow-up generation after WWII Howard Campell Jr. American who became a Nazi
Recruited prisoners to fight against Russia Guard and Prisoner Werner Gluck German guard at slaughterhouse
First glimpse of naked woman with Billy Kidnap Montana Wildhack Billy's mate in zoo
Borne a child with Billy
Billy was delusional Patient buddy Bertram Copeland Rumfoord Harvard Professor and US Air Force Historian
Didn't believe Billy was at Dresden
Represents bureaucratic attitude that glorifies war Husband and Wife Lily Rumfoord Frightened of Billy
Lied silently
Lack of Power and Free Will
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