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Renewable Energy

No description

Sarah Meins

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Renewable Energy

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr we need to: - REthink what is really necessary, REduce
demand, increase efficient technologies

- improve the existing REnewable energy systems Let's think outside the box... information numbers of efficiency differ a lot

lobbying Let us be opened to new
technologies and new
ways of life
Renewable energy Agenda the beginning

renewable energy


evaluation of information

our perspectives basic sources in our nature wind


fire development population growth lifestyle & RE newable
energy wind power hydroelectric power geothermal energy fossil REsources:
scarce REthink solar energy + no emissions while in use
+ free

- intermittent wind power
- countryside changes tidal energy
+ almost everywhere accessible

- complex
- expensive
-water pumps need energy + continuously available
+ clean, no emissions
+ many application possibilities

- expensive and complex
- quantity of sunlight varies
- production with chemicals There are still many challenges ahead of us Inspiration Iceland Kenya Mongolia streetlights independence from power grid chance for rural areas REnewable energy Let us REthink Do you have any questions? biomass very controversial + regrowth - limited expandability
- high CO2 emission
-higher prices for food evaluate information carefully Sources

www.teneriffa-information.de/wp content/uploads/2012/03/geothermieanlage


GEO, edition February 2013
Accessed from January 24th until February 25th 2013 Think outside the box 1. What impact will this topic have on the international transparency and co-operation in general and will there be a reliable and honest exchange of information about the progress with renewable energies? In these days politicians set international goals addressing climate change with strategic plans. 2. Think of something from you everyday life you would be willing to avoid or waive on for some time to save energy.
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