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Fact versus Opinion

No description

Amber Sutton

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Fact versus Opinion

Fact A fact is something that can be proven and is supported by evidence.

Fact: based on what is known

Facts are:

Things known for certain to have happened
Things known for certain to be true
Things known for certain
to exist Opinion Opinions cannot be proven. An opinion is what someone thinks or feels about a subject

Opinion: based on what is believed

Opinions are:

Things believed to have happened
Things believed to be true
Things believed to exist Questions: Where would you expect to find facts?

Where would you expect to find opinions?

Is it important to know the difference? Why?

Is it OK to have different opinions? Why? Time for our
Board Game! Pick your gemstone carefully.

It will matter later on! Water boils at 212*F.
Can this be proven? How? Zebras live in Africa.
Can this proven? How? I believe that chihuahuas
are the best animals in the world.
Can this be proven? I think basketball is a better sport than Football.
Can this be proven?
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