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California 2013

Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, LA. The best holiday ever!

Lauren Harris

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of California 2013

California Road Trip 2013
23rd July 2013...
...the adventure begins
Las Vegas...
Death Valley...
Yosemite National Park...
Vernal Fall
3 mile hike 1000ft incline
The Valley
San Francisco...
hot stuff!
Giant Sequoias
Golden Gate Bridge
Pier 39
Walk of Fame
Venice Beach...
The sign
Pacific Ocean
5235 miles
9.5 hours
London Heathrow airport
California sea lions began coming to Pier 39 in 1989.

There are about a hundred in this photo however they hit an all time record of 1,701 in November 2009.
War of the Worlds set
Venice Beach
Baywatch wannabe
The Luxor
Dolphin Habitat,The Mirage
The strip at night from up the Eiffel Tower - Paris
The Eiffel Tower - half the size of the real one
Grand Canyon
Hoover Dam
the plane which flew us there
Eagle point
And the road trip begins
Half Dome 8836ft
Highway 1 wildlife:
Elephant seals
Highway 1 coastal drive
18 days
1800 miles driven
1192 photos taken
14 hotels
3 states visited
1 amazing holiday
Mammoth Lakes
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