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Find Free &/or Open Source Software by SMPL

Basic considerations to watch out for when searching for free software alternatives to add functionality to your computer.

Reference SMPL

on 26 July 2016

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Transcript of Find Free &/or Open Source Software by SMPL

Most Paid Programs have freeware or free open source alternatives.
Find Free &/or Open Source Software
Essential Questions
to ask about
Freeware or Free Open Source Software
Does it work with my
Operating System
Does it
do what I need
it to do?
Is it compatible with
file formats
I need to work with?
Is it under
active development
Is there a
Is it
Look for Open Source Software in Multiple Places
Visit the development and support site & read reviews before you download

Support and Development site (same):

Know the trade-offs
make a choice.

Unlock your computer's capabilities, without spending more money.
Word Process, Edit Photos,
Create Vector Graphics, Watch Movies,
Get Virus Protection, Browse the Internet,
Encode Video, Create Websites, Use Email,
Use Spreadsheets, Create Presentations,
Edit PDFs, Edit Audio, Edit Video,
Create 3-D models
= software made available without direct cost to the user, under a limited license.
Open Source
= software with source code that is publicly available under a license that gives users the right to study, change, and distribute the software as they wish.
Cost does not need to be a barrier to creativity or needed functionality on your computer.


Free software will often have a different workflow than the paid programs they replace, and have limitations that might not be immediately obvious.
Sample review:
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