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UF Pediatrics 2014-15 Chief Presentation

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Cynthia Powell

on 5 October 2017

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Transcript of UF Pediatrics 2014-15 Chief Presentation

It all starts here.
From Learning to Achieving...
PGY 1 : Intern Year
PGY2: 1/2 Way There
PGY 3: Senior Residents
In 2014, 9 of the 15 graduates entered into subspecialties including Neonatal-Perinatal, Critical Care, Endocrinology, and Cardiology
Residency Program Outcomes
5 Inpatient Ward Day and/or Nights
1.5 Electives
1 Cardiology
1 Gastroenterology
1 Newborn Nursery
1 Adolescent or Development
0.5 Advocacy
Rotation Schedule
4 weeks per rotation, 13 rotations per year
Rotation Schedule
4 weeks, 13 Rotations
3 Green Team
2 Acute / Pediatric After Hours
2.5 Electives
0.5 Advocacy
1 Adolescent or Development
1 Emergency Medicine
1 Newborn Nursery
3 Inpatient Wards - Day/Night
6 Elective
2 Emergency Department
1 Acute/Pediatric After Hours
Rotation Schedule
4 weeks, 13 Rotations
Shands Children’s Hospital
Pediatric Emergency Department
Pediatric After Hours Clinic
Established 2011
64 pediatric medical/surgical beds with flex capacity of 88
52 bed Level IV / III / II Neonatal ICU
46 bed PICU and CICU
25,000 pediatric patients treated annually
Emergency Department
Conveniently located next to the Pediatric Emergency Department
Pediatric After Hours Clinic
State-of-the-art, low-dose radiation equipment designed for young patients
1 procedure room
5 private exam rooms
Average of 69 per day (and climbing)

13 treatment rooms
5 observation beds
2 infectious disease exam rooms
2 resuscitation rooms,
1 sedation room
7 full-time attendings and several nurses dedicated
to the Pediatric Emergency Department
Continuity clinic is the same 1/2 day each week
Residents have their own panel of patients
One preceptor throughout their residency
Separate check-in and waiting areas
Three Locations
Children's Medical Services
(Central Gainesville)
Tower Square
(SW Gainesville)

Outpatient Clinics
Shands’ Hospital for Children and Women
175 bed hospital to be built in phases from 2010 - 2015
Phase 1 - Completed 2010: Oncology/ Immunocompromised Units on 4th Floor

Phase 2 - Completed 2011: Pediatric Emergency Department & PAH Clinic

Phase 3 - Completed 2014: 10th Floor Dedicated to Specialized PICU Units and refreshed pre- and post-operative areas (January); Dedicated, Distinct Entrance, Lobby, & Elevators (July).

Phase 4 - Renovation of 3rd Floor Neonatal and Newborn Nurseries, Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Unit.

Plase 5 - Renovation of Remaining 4th Floor Pediatric Inpatient Floors to 100% Privatized Rooms.
Infectious Disease
2-3 PL1s & 1-2 PL2s
Capped at 8 pts
6th Busiest in FL
Inpatient Team Structure
2 - PL1s and 1 - PL3
Approx. 5.5 - 7 pts
Green team: PL2s
Every 4th night call (PL2/PL3s)
Approx. 5-8 pts
Arwa Saidi, M.D., M.Ed.
Associate Program Director
Scott Rivkees, M.D.
Department Chair
Nicole Paradise Black, M.D., M.Ed.
Program Director
Robert Lawrence, M.D.
Associate Program Director
Maureen Novak, M.D.
Vice Chair of Medical Education
Primary Care Track
Entering General Pediatrics
Family-Patient Centered Care
Opportunity to do extended outpatient experiences
Public Health Track
Certificate in Public Health
MPH coursework (15 credits) to apply towards Masters degree
Opportunity to complete advocacy work
Exposure to state and legislative initiatives
Global Health Track
International medical care training with a focus on sustainable care
Electives in Epidemiology, research, tropical medicine, health problems of international travelers and beyond
Targeted educational and research opportunities abroad in Central and South America with potential for travel to other continents
Medical Education Track
Targets residents interested in academic medicine
Offers a broad introduction to contemporary medical education theory
Provides insight to instructional methodology and contextual learning
3-4 Online courses reiterate context-specific experiences related to teaching and learning as a resident.
Earn a Certificate in Instructional Design!
Research Track
Open to residents interested in biomedical research as part of their career
ABP Integrated Research Pathways (IRP) program option
Opportunity to earn a Ph.D. during residency (if desired) or further research pursuits if a Ph.D. is already attained
3-6 months of dedicated research time with potential up to 11 months if part of the IRP program
Employee Benefits
Health Insurance
No monthly premiums!
Expedited Appointments with GatorCare
Access to on-site acute care
Life Insurance
Malpractice Insurance
Disability, Accidental Death,
Dismemberment Insurance
On-Site ChildCare
15 Days of Annual Vacation +
1 week during the December holidays
10 Days of Annual Sick Leave
5 Conference Days
Roll over permitted*
Free Meals!
$850 Educational Stipend over 3 years
Future Chief Residents
Morning Report
Grand Rounds
M&M Conference
Journal Club
Intern Lecture Series
What’s New in Pediatrics?
Track Lectures
Safety Day
Fellows Conference
The Full Nelson
Small group board review
Simulation lab
“The Full Nelson”

Curriculum designed to encompass all of Nelson’s Textbook of Pediatrics in 18 months

All residents complete the curriculum twice over their 3 years

Periodic self-assessments with review of questions and answers

Residents can identify their own strengths and weaknesses
Magnolia Parke
(NW Gainesville)
Hank Rohrs, M.D.
Associate Program Director
Allison Ast, M.D.-Heme/Onc-Univ of Utah
Nancy George, M.D.–Child Neurology–UT SW
Sarah Irani, M.D. – Sports Medicine–Bayfront Health
Ricardo Medina-Centeno, M.D.–GI–UT SW
Sina Ogholikhan, M.D.–GI–Johns Hopkins
Nasim (Moshtagh) Reedy, D.O. – Allergy/Immunology-Washington University
Markus Renno, M.D.–Cardiology-Vanderbilt University
Ryan Stokes, M.D.–Neonatology–University of Texas
Rochelle Wilson, M.D.-Endocrinology Fellowship–UT SW

Welcome to the University of Florida!!!
while you are on call
Additional Perks
EMR system inpatient and outpatient
Education resources (Health Science Library)
FREE AAP membership
AAP Legislative Conference/Advocacy Summit
Present your Research for free!
CATCH Grants

Critical Care
Neonatal - Perinatal Medicine
Pulmonary Medicine

The End

Nora Colman, M.D.

Kendall Riley, M.D.
Thank You!
Individualization of training
4 selective rotations built into first two years
6 months of individualization
5 residency tracks
All Resident Retreat
Diabetes Camp
FUN at Work!
All Residents Retreat
Senior Dinner
Diabetes Camp
Inturmural Sports
So much more...
All Resident Retreat!
Fellowships available at the University of Florida
2014 Graduates
Where are they now?
Things to do in Gainesville
Price Ward
Daphna Barbeau
2014 Graduates
Where are they Now?
Afra Ali, M.D. – Private Practice - Chicago, Illinois
Nora Colman, M.D. – Chief Resident of Pediatrics – University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
Amber Loyson, M.D. – Private Practice – Cape Coral, Florida
Ralph Martello, M.D. – Assistant Professor of Hospital Medicine – Orlando Health, Orlando, Florida
Ashley McPhie, M.D. – Private Practice – Tampa, Florida
Adrienne Mott-Young, M.D. – Private Practice – Lake City, Florida
Hannah Renno, M.D. – Private Practice – Nashville, Tennessee
Kendall (Riley) Steadmon, M.D. – Chief Resident of Pediatrics – University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
Elaine Tsukayama, M.D. – Private Practice – Honolulu, Hawaii
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