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Assessment and Accountability Using AIMSweb as an assessment tool

Information about the assessment too, development, purpose, uses and ways to make it more useful.

Susan Rock-Foster

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Assessment and Accountability Using AIMSweb as an assessment tool

AIMSweb is an assessment, data management, and reporting framework for Response to intervention designed specifically for universal screening and progress monitoring of basic reading , mathematics, spelling, and written expression skills for grades k-8 AIMSweb is a web based system that uses CBM (curriculum based measurement) to efficiently screen all students, identifying those at risk for academic failure and enabling early intervention. History of AIMSweb

In the late 1970's and early 1980's, a man named Stan Deno and his colleagues produced procedures for curriculum-based measurement of oral reading to provide teachers a way to systematically monitor and evaluate the impact of instruction and it's effect on student preformance. The program was funded through the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs, the American Institutes for Research and researchers from Vanderbilt University and the University of Kansas established NCRTI. The organization's mission is to provide technical assistance to states and districts and to build the capacity of states to assist districts in implementing proven models for RTI and early intervening services (http://www.aimsweb.com). The School district where I currently student teach uses the AIMSweb tool in conjunction with other assessments to identify the students at risk and then uses the information to identify what additional instruction the students need to begin to make gains. The school district also uses the information to progress monitor students and assess the tools and strategies that they use to increase the students progress. It also helps the school identify the at risk students in the beginning of the year and implement strategies throughout the year. Purpose.......
CBA (curriculum based assessment)
Assess skills
Identify at risk individuals
Progress Monitor
Assess interventions Ultimatly it is not the end all or be all, but used in conjunction with other assessments it can help identify students at risk and help to identify areas of improvement for instruction. AIMSweb and The Common Core

• Works with any curriculum or standards, including the Common Core
• Prediction of student success on your state test whether it is state- or
Common Core-specifi c
• Longitudinal data remains relevant and meaningful even when standards,
curriculum, or state tests change
• Perfectly suited for program evaluation Tier 1 - a universal screening for all students
Tier 2 - strategic monitoring with mild to moderate risk for failure
Tier 3 - intensive monitoring toward specific goals for students at
significant risk for failure Advantages of CBM

Direct measure of student preformance
Consistant with best practice for assessment and instruction
Works from research supported methods for asssessment and instruction
Focus is on repeated measures of preformance. "AIMSweb is kind of like a well baby check-up, you take your kids to the doctor when they are not necessarily sick for a check up and sometimes you find things that need to be addressed further" Intervention strategies employee AIMSweb
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