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In Search Of April Raintree

No description

Gabrielle Deaflad

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of In Search Of April Raintree

In Search Of April Raintree
The story carries on one problem which is alcohol, April's parents had an alcohol problem, and with time Cheryl also begins the destructive lifestyle
April loses two of the most important people in her life due to suicide, First is her mother and then her sister. Both die in the same way, which was jumping off a bridge.
Plot Recall
April and Cheryl are two Metis sisters who live in a small northern town in Manitoba. Their parents are Henry and Alice Raintree, the girls face a lot of Racism and abuse throughout their lives. . The book is basically just April trying to find herself and be comfortable in her own skin, she doesn't accept being part First Nation and part Caucasian she would rather be one or the other, she spends her entire life trying to fit into "white society" as for her sister Cheryl, she was a down to earth girl who loves being Metis and is proud of everything.

Cheryl & April
Alcoholism, Children's Aid, Abandonment
-April & Cheryl go through a lot starting with their parents alcohol problem, which they called "medicine"
- Social services finds out about the problem when April's little sister Anna is sent to the hospital, because she was sick. They end up taking the girls & putting them in children's aid

-In Children's aid, the kids usually get to visit with their real families, Cheryl & April show up for every visit and see their parent's, But slowly their parents just stop going leaving April & Cheryl feeling alone and abandoned
Foster Care, April & Cheryl's Homes
- April is put into 2 homes throughout her life as for Cheryl she is put in 3 homes
-There is one home where the girls lives are changed, & that's the DeRosier house. There the girls are abused and neglected by both Mrs. DeRosier and her children. This is the only home where the girls are put together.
The girls have been in some really friendly homes especially Cheryl in every home she's been in minus the DeRosier's Cheryl meets people she can connect with and helps her. April's first home showed her love and kindness through it all.
Growing Up
1)April and Cheryl both graduate and move on with their lives. April gets a job and moves back to Winnipeg with Cheryl.
2)April gets married & moves to Toronto with her husband, but soon after gets divorced because her husband was having an affair
3)April gets a phone call about Cheryl being in the hospital. April flies back to Winnipeg to find out her sister is an Alcoholic. She tries to help her get back on her feet
4) April gets raped by three men when retrieving her sisters things from her ex boyfriends place.
5)Cheryl and April start over and get their own place together, But things spiral out of control, when Cheryl starts drinking more excessively.
Search For Parents
Cheryl confesses why she is the way she is.
1) She found their parents
2) Dad is an alcoholic
3) Baby sister Anna passed not to long after they were taken away
4) Mom committed suicide
Cheryl Commits Suicide
-Cheryl can't handle her life anymore and decides to give up
-She dies the same way her mother does by jumping off the same bridge
-April finds a letter explaining everything and also confesses to her having a son, April raises Cheryl's son Henry Liberty
-Throughout the story the girls are neglected by one foster parent and also their parents.
-Abuse is showed in many forms but in this story there are only 2 which is Neglect and Emotional abuse.
-Neglect,is when a parent/caregiver does not provide for the basic emotional and physical needs of the child on an ongoing basis. Examples of neglect include not providing the proper: Food, clothing, housing, supervision, safe surroundings, personal health, medical and emotional care, and education.
-Emotional Abuse is a parent/caregiver who continually uses any of the following when interacting or disciplining a child is emotionally abusing the child: Rejecting, criticizing, insulting, humiliating, isolating, terrorizing, or corrupting.
-When you have an alcohol problem it generally means that you have a compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol, and it's usually just to try block out your sober struggles, which can be personal relationships, social standing or health
April's parents and sister had an alcohol problem, April's dad was an alcoholic because he couldn't cope with having TB, her mother was the same and because she lost her daughters it became worse, and her sister Cheryl couldn't handle the truth about her parents and where she came from.
Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death. In most cases suicide is often committed out of despair, which is frequently linked to a mental disorder such as depression, bipolar disorder and alcoholism
April's mother and sister both had an alcohol problem and suffered from depression
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