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Aldrin Addison Co

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of copy3

Pronounce these brands correctly. Idioms The End Redundancy absolutely certain GIFT OF GAB English for Teachers Session 7 January 23, 2013 EAGER BEAVER A person who is always eager to work or do anything above what is necessary, sometimes to win the favor of a superior. Jack is such an eager beaver. He always helps the teacher after school. Rachel will get a promotion next year because she's such an eager beaver. Decide which of the following might be called eager beavers. 5. A housewife, whose children have all grown up and moved away from home, who decides to finish her university studies and get her degree. She plans to work part-time at a local department store to help earn enough money for university expenses but at the same time care for her house and husband. 4. A group of six young people who spend their vacation swimming at the beach, going to parties, spending money sent by their parents, and, in general, enjoying a lazy life under the sun. 3. A middle-aged man who retires from his job and then begins to learn a new trade so that he can join his brother-in-law in forming a corporation specializing in computer equipment. 2. A young business executive who spends in his evening going to night school to learn a new profession, who works part-time in a local drugstore to earn extra money, and who hopes to form his own company before he is 30 years old. 1. A girl who likes to spend most of her time reading instead of doing her school homework or helping her mother with the housework. skill in talking; ability to make interesting conversation that people believe Ted's gift of gab helped him get a good job. Most politicians who succeed have a real gift of gab. Name some professions in which the gift of gab is essential or very important. characterized by verbosity or unnecessary repetition in expressing ideas advance planning and also as an added bonus ATM machine basic essentials cash money closed fist deadly killer final conclusion free gift future plans, prospects HIV virus my own personal opinion new innovation personal friend PIN number please RSVP protest against rectangular rough estimate safe haven sworn affidavit terrible tragedy unexpected surprise Certainty has no room for doubt, it's absolute. It's rather hard for a surprise to be expected. A tragedy must be terrible or it's not a tragedy. By definition, an affidavit is sworn. Delete sworn. A haven by definition is a safe place. An estimate can't be exact; it must be rough. If something is rectangular, that is its shape. If you protest, you're against something. The P in RSVP stands for plait, the French word for please. Delete please. The N in PIN stands for number. Delete number. Can someone have an impersonal friend? By definition, an innovation must be new. My opinion means it's your own and it's personal. The V in HIV stands for virus. Delete virus. Has anyone ever made past plans or had past prospects? Delete future. If it's a gift or is gratis, by definition it's free. Is there a conclusion that's not final? Delete final. Can someone or something be deadly and not be a killer? Delete killer. A fist must be closed. Delete closed. Is cash ever anything but money? If they're the essentials, they have to be basic. The M in ATM stands for machine, so you're saying an Automated Teller Machine machine. If something is a bonus, it must be added. Use one word or the other; not both. Planning must be done in advance.
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