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Differences Between High School and Community College to NEI

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Shelbi Hernandez

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of Differences Between High School and Community College to NEI

Endless Possibilities
Large variety of classes: Anthropology, Political Science, Ceramics, etc.
get to choose your classes
Classes are fun!
Classroom Environment
Mostly discussion based
Your opinions matter and are valued
Class work is based on developing and strengthening your learning skills
Hands on learning- Critical thinking
Student Responsibilities
Larger homework load
Read the syllabus and mark important dates
Be proactive! (talk to your professors & advisor)
Check online resources regularly-D2L, NEIU e-mail
There are no bells, so you have to get to class on your own
PE Complex: personal training, yoga, swimming pool, basketball courts, rock climbing wall, weight room, & high ropes course
Greek Life
Variety of clubs and organizations
Book vouchers
Rent from The NEIU Bookstore
Ishare at the library
Scholarships are available
FAFSA- fill it out ASAP!
Financial Aid Advisors are here to help
Academic Resources
Academic Learning Support Center
Project Success & Proyecto Pa'Lante
Math Enrichment Workshop Program
The Ronald William's Library
Computer labs all over campus!
Wifi printing abilities
Professors have office hours

We LOVE Northeastern!
Here is why you should too

Ton of lively events like Nest Fest
Welcoming and friendly staff and students
Professors, Advisors, and Faculty share the same mission of helping YOU succeed.
Create Your Experience
Speak your mind
Reflect on the person you want to become
It will be difficult, but it is all worth it
You Can Do It!
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