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Zoe's Poems

By: Zoe Ruppe

Zoe Ruppe

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of Zoe's Poems

Zoe's Poems Table of contents:
1. Acrostic Poem
2. Ballad Poem
3. Bio Poem
4. Cinquain Poem
5. Diamond Poem
6. Haiku Poem
7. Inside- Outside Poem
8. Limericks Poem
9. Metaphor Poem
10. Name Poem
11. Onomatopoeia Poem
12. Question Poem
13. Recipe Poem
14. This is Mine Poem Come and cuddle you
Armand was my cat
Time to play with yarm!
So many cats to choose from! My grandma was such a beutiful girl
She was funny and made me laugh
And in her hair, you found not one curl
She made me happy, she made me sigh

And now she has Alzhimers
It makes me cry
I love her with all my heart

My family and I know she will die any time
So we visit her a lot
We now know Alzhtimers is a crime

We will have memories of her all day long when she dies
Since I told you, I am going to cry
I now might make a song
I have loved her so long Zoe


Wishes to have a very cute cat

Dreams of her friends not having fights,

Wants to make world peace

Who wonders what will happen tomorrow

Who fears disease

Who is afraid of staying home alone

Who likes to have sleepovers with friends

Who beilives cats will one day rule the world

Who loves orange chicken
Who loves haning out with friends
Who loves Summer
Who loves cats

Who plans to be a veterinarian, or be famous
Who plans to have 3 or 4 cats
Who pland to have a good life

Who's final destination is up on stage, living in s mansion with a bunch of money! Start play
Preform a play
Getting up on the stage
Every body looking at you
End play Dad
Funny, smart
helping, working, eating
son, uncle, Aunt, daughter,
singing, yelling, bothered,
nice, scary,
mom Birds get on the tree
Trees are going to start growing
Most trees are giant My inside and oustide self are as different as can be
My oustide self isn't cool
And this is really me
She has such a sense of humor
And some dark brown hair
And she wishes she could understand things so much sooner

My inside self is different as
As you can see

A beutiful girl with beutiful hair
And she is seen a lot on TV
A special girl with two or three cats
And laughs, and has a lot of parties
With just so many friends
She is very popular
So many friends, the fun never ends! There was once a girl named Ann
That liked to relax infront of a fan
She will laugh, she will play,
With fun all day,
She likes to go to the beach and tan Cats are the petite packeges
That make life easier. Perfect blanket for warmth
It's so soft
No ones but mine
Kind of ripped

Beutiful color!
Loved with all my heart
All of it's pink
Not dirty at all!
Kind of worn
Enough love for it
Top of the line blanket! It's a cat!
Hear! Hear!
Do you hear something so cute that sounds like
Don't you hear?
It's a
It's a
Purring infront of the house, with such soft fur!
And then I heard a
Purr, purr, purr
It's a cat! Do cats get annoyed of staying inside all the time?

Do they want to have human food, instead of cat food all the time?

Do they also get tired of little kids oulling their hair from trying to hold them?

Do they wish to have a nice bed infront of a fireplace? Brown eyes tan skin

Pretty face and long hair

Teeth white and straight

My friend is always there

She ins't in my classes

But she talks to me daily

I think I'm such a lucky girl to have her

This is my BFF Kailey This is my Iberian Lynx Larry
He is an endangered cat
He eats smaller animals
But he is not fat

He is my favorite stuffed animal Larry
And he is covered in spots
They're dark brown on his light brown fur
But they are not perfect dots

This is my favorite cat Larry
Good thing he is not alive
Because then he would jump right off my bed
Then bite you, and make you cry!
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