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European Country, Holland

Kaylee Holland

Kaylee Holland

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of European Country, Holland

The European Country, Holland
By, Kaylee Holland MAP
Holland is located west around
in the European Continent. It holds many
different and seperated islands, also a great
spot for vactations. HISTORY
In the country, people are mostly
known as "Hollanders", for which they got the
name from the country they live on. Due to
the vast lands that Holland shares with the
Netherlands, it is known as "The Kingdom of Holland". CLIMATE
Holland enjoys a moderate climate as it is close to the sea and flat in its terrain. Rains are frequent in the summer season, and may continue for approximately ten or twelve days in a month. Holland is geographically located in such a way that it faces many climatic changes. Weather in Holland is unpredictable as the sea has a great influence on the climate.
Holland's culture is varied and lively. Dutch people themselves take immense delight in their cultural heritage. Arts of every form flourish in Holland. When it comes to culture, the country is possibly most renowned for its painters who were amongst the greatest in the world. Holland's cultural life attained an international reputation during the 17th century, which is often referred to as the country's Golden Age. HiHi dfdfd Geography
the low and flat lands in the west and north. These lands, including the reclaimed polders and river deltas, make up about half of its surface area and are less than 1 m (3.2 ft) above sea level, much of it actually below sea level. An extensive range of seawalls and coastal dunes protect the Netherlands from the sea, and levees and dikes along the rivers protect against river flooding.
Holland’s population became younger from 1980 to 2000. The child and adult population increased 6 percent and 13 percent respectively. In particular, the school-age group (5 to 17 years old), grew by 16 percent. The senior population decreased 32 percent.

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