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Virus and Bacteria Web Quest

No description

gregory wycoff

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Virus and Bacteria Web Quest

THE VIRUS WEB QUEST What is MRSA? Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a disease that is highly reactive and causes infections in the skin, lungs, and blood. It is a staph infection. What is a virus? Why don't we consider viruses alive? How do viruses reproduce? A virus is a particle that cannot independently reproduce yet contains genetic information and can evolve. Viruses may cause disease in the host cell/organism. Viruses are not considered living because they need cells to reproduce. If they didn't need other cells to reproduce then they would be living because in order to be classified as a living organism they need no other organisms to reproduce. Viruses reproduce by a series of chemical reactions occurring when the virus enter the cell and this creates more viruses. What is Ebola? Ebola is a highly deadly virus that originated in central Africa and was thought to have been passed on to humans from primates. This has sparked new interests because it has caused highly infectious diseases that spread rapidly. It has been used in bio terrorism. What is tuberculosis? Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that causes disease in any tissue in the body it is caused by mycrobacterium and most likely causes lung problems. What is bacterium? Why are bacteria considered prokaryotes? How do bacteria reproduce? Bacterium is a domain of prokaryotes, some of which cause human diseases. they lack a nucleus. it is unicellular and a microorganism that represents the basic form of life. What is a pathogen How do viruses cause the flu? What is Hanta virus? What is HIV? What is meningitis? What is Bacteriophage? A pathogen is anything that causes disease including viruses and bacterium. A group of viruses that infect a specific type of bacteria. When this occurs it usually disintegrates or dissolves. Hantavirus is a virus that can cause a greater disease that can lead to death. You get hantavirus by coming in contact with rodents carrying it or seeing their droppings or urine. The virus cases the flu by transmuting either through the air or from coming in contact directly with the virus. Caused by infection meningitis is inflammation around the brain and joints.

Short for human immunodeficiency virus. Any of various strains of a retrovirus of the genus Lentivirus that cause AIDS by infecting the body's immune system.
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