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Emaar Strategic Managament

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Mohammad Almheiri

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Emaar Strategic Managament

Emaar Strategic Management
Emaar Project
American University in the Emirates
Organization Chart
Emaar Organization's Mission, Vision, Strategy, Values
Emmar SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis stands for identify technique of business performances operating environment for any products or services and markets as the strength, weakness, opportunity and treats. These four factors in SWOT analysis can show the capability of any company in internal and external influences and levels of business to achieves the organization scope.
Emaar is property developer. It is a real estate Public Joint Stock (PJSC) holding company. In 1997 the Emaar was established in Dubai and it was listed in Dubai Financial Market. Emaar is identified as the region's largest real estate company and was the first developer to offer freehold property in Dubai. Emaar has a better key driver to success in business. Emaar has chosen to a diversification in their business. The strategic of Emaar is not focus locally in United Arab Emirates projects only but also it had launched internationally to log on through many differentiation markets for many reason such as minimizing the risk business and growth in the markets.
Internationally Emaar has several projects land developing expansion in many countries such as projects in India, Syria, Egypt, India, Morocco, Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey, Tunisia, France, Algeria Jordan, Iraq, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Within UAE the main projects of Emaar are:
built the most significant of the tallest tower in the world named Burj Khalifa Down Town
in addition the largest Shopping Mall in the world is name Dubai Mall and the largest dancing fountain.
Group Project:
Ahlam Mohammed Khudoum Thani Khudoum
Mohammad Khalifa Khamis Buti Almheiri
Abdulrahim Mohammad Yousuf
As any company established in any enterprise, each company has stated their mission, their vision and their values. The mission helps company to know their path to how to reach goals in effective time.

Emaar vision is to be regionally, the leader in development of real –estate. In addition the mission of Emaar is to deliver the company into a one-spot, providing a global solution to many segmentation of lifestyle, such as to developing and redesigning communities of houses not only globally but also regionally. Work in build unlimited construction projects, creating a luxury leisure and hospitality. In addition it is management retails, developing health, education, investment in finance sector and industry.

Emaar values are to build and focus in external and internal clients. It has a path how to serve to develop and improvement the skills and performances of employee. Emaar believes in how to built a strong trust and commitment to success in create a relationship in market. Emaar understanding the people needs to fulfill in their requirements for living in modern village.
The strength of Emaar in SWOT analysis can shows many points. It has an excellent path to create investing in variety of business such as Emaar has many diversification and segmentation to focus in. The positive of variety of business means to have less risk in assets. In addition the variety can increase investment performance efficiency and effectively. Emaar does not focus inside the country only but also it has a vision to go out country for expansion business globally. So Emaar follow the proverb "Don't put all your eggs in one basket"
Emaar are Overexposure to Dubai despite of expansions in global markets, it has a decline in operations of margins costs return equity and funding strategy. Labor problems are another issue facing the company because of pay a low wages for labor who are coming from poor country. Emaar failure in quality issue from suppliers causes customer rethinking in their purchasing.
Emaar has great opportunities to consolidate position in domestic market. Emaar has many diversification of projects revenue around international markets such as projects in Egypt, Arabia, Pakistan, and Indonesia all these reflect to the company for strong growth globally. Strong in segment diversification to increases the financial profit growth.
The government backing of Emaar supports the business strongly in any economic crisis because the United Arab Emirates and Dubai government holds 32% and this help Emaar to access economic with less facing in regulations. Emaar Business Model has a strategic achieving in how to expanding their development operation globally by focuses in holds a lifestyle livening projects. In addition Emaar has internationally the best data bank of practices and how to management properties outside the domestic market.
The global business environment economic trend downturn may affect the company because Emaar has their projects in many foreign countries so that will increase the cost. Regulation changes can be a second effect that makes Emaar to follow the regulation of any country. A new establish of any new companies entrant the market will be a strong competitive to Emaar. Market shrinkage can be affected by decrees the revenue and profits. The competitor reducing prices that will effected in Emaar financial costs
Explain what is Porter's Five Forces Analysis?
Five Porter's forces analysis are the tool to measurement the business environment and the structure process in two fields such as the opportunities and treats for a competitive to any business. This analysis avoids the risks in any business. Michael E. Porter developed in 1980 in his book the model of the five competitive forces, Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors“.
The five forces analysis are contain
Bargaining power of suppliers.

Bargaining power of buyers.

Threat of new entrants.

Threats of substitutes products.

Competitive rivalry within the industry
Bargaining power of suppliers
Emaar has a strategy planning and understanding their business performances with suppliers as bargaining power of suppliers will reflect in business. It has a good relationship with supplier as a main partnership such as NASA Multiplex, Samsung, Arabtec, Al Futtaim, and Carillion. It has dealing in a low cost with bargaining power of suppliers in market. Making an excellent relation with supplier can be reflects in the business and can manage how to deal with suppliers according to economic changes in the market. In this point Emaar plays in general with many suppliers not with a sole supplier, so that does not reflected to have a power of suppliers because there are many alternative supplier in the markets.
Bargaining power of Buyers
Buyers in business markets can play the main position rule. The powers of them will effects in any business profits or growth. Consider about buyers in Emaar are very important because they are knew there are many other options in the market to customers. So Emaar sales are very competes with other corporate because they are comparing the prices in the each market. The quality of services or costs and products can affect also to the barging of power customers.
Threat of new entrants
Emaar has a well known brands name in marketplace. Any new competitors at any industry entering the marketplace will threat and effect to minimize and decrease in the market share and profitability. Emaar of existing competitors and may result in changes to existing product quality or price levels Emaar takes.
Competitive rivalry within the industry
There are many competitors in any business in any market. So when Emaar knows about when any competitor has a similar strategy this will make a very strong competitive in business. This will be a big challenging to offer a good services or products. Low market growth will be a pressure to sell in low cost and less profitability.
Competitive strategy
The definition of competitive strategy is a strategy focused on how an organization will compete in each of its strategic business units (SBUs).
There are three main types of competitive strategies
Cost leadership strategy.

Differentiation strategy.

Focus strategy
Emaar using a focus in a differential strategy by marketing itself in several different countries.The main advantages of focusing in differentiation strategy is to grow rapidly in a new markets and to. increase sales in addition to expand the brand of company of developing properties for commercial and residential purposes.




Economical Analysis for Emaar Propertie

The Report: Dubai 2007


Leadership Development in the Middle East




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