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Senator Cassidy Policy Lunch

No description

Zach Barnett

on 19 September 2017

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Transcript of Senator Cassidy Policy Lunch

New Headline: "Republicans On Offense with Conservative Solution"
Something doesn't add up.
Solution = GCHJ
Repeal & Replace Obamacare

Largest entitlement reform in American history

Deliver power back to states

Provide a solution for lower-income & working families
Fiscally Responsible
Caps spending

Eliminate employer & individual mandate penalty

Equalizes funding across America
Deliver Power back to States
Build on success of CHIP & TANF

Unleash the American entreprenurial spirit

This is a 50 state solution!

Improve Health Care for the Nation
Funding evolves over next six years

Power to Patients

Pre-exisiting condition protections

Private Insurance
Premium Support
$134 Billion in Savings
Tax Credits
MCD Exp.
Stake in the heart of single-payer
Flexible Block Grants
How it Works
Flexible block grants starting in 2021
Based on CHIP population

Moves states to per person parity by 2026
DSH funds available

11 billion contingency fund 2020-2021
25 billion stability fund 2019-2020

Range of coverage options available
How it Works
Obamacare imploding.
"GCHJ ends fiscally-irresponsible single payer option - power to states"

The choice
is ours
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