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Urban Modelling Group

No description

debra laefer

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Urban Modelling Group

Subsurface Research
Ground Improvement in Clays
Cillian Morrison
Dynamic Bridge Assessment
Linh Hong
Metal Condition Assessment
Nora Gyetvai
Infrastructure Inspection
Manmeet Singh
Jonathan Byrne
LiDAR-based Models for CFD
LiDAR to 3D printing
Printed Models for Wind Tunnels
Blue Sky Research
Professor D. Laefer
Donal Lennon,
Technician (Earth Institute)
Gitanjali Thakur
Dr. Eilish Lynch,
Research Manager
Julie Clarke
Probabalistic-based Damage Methods
Building Vulnerability Assessment
Ehsan Moradabadi
Hamid Gharibi
Multi-format Data Co-Registration
Anh Vu Vo
3D Data Indexing
Iman Zolanvari
Data Segmentation
Fatemeh Hamid-Lakzaeian
Automated Feature Detection
Salam Al-Sabah
Cillian Morrison & Hamed Panahi
Automated Material Detection
Computational Method Development
Flight Path Planning
Aerial Laser Scanning
Cityscale Modelling
Atteyeh Natanzi
Chemical Blasting Alternatives
Foundation Reuse Potential
Kelly-Ann Farrell
Saleh Abuwarda
Urban Modelling Group
Pioneering technologies to manage & protect built urban heritage
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