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water chemicals

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Bad Influence Overview By Judith Ortiz Cofer Rita is faced with two choices, staying with her Grandparents in Puerto Rico or attending a covenant for two months. Her choice to stay with her Grandparents in Puerto Rico puts her in a bad mood due to the extreme heat, constant attention, and her Mama Ana always commenting on her "asthma" which she swears she doesn't have. Her attitude is the only thing that holds her back from enjoying her stay in Puerto Rico, and it isn't until she meets Angela and learns of the "bad influence" that she learns to make the best of the situation and actually have fun. Character List Rita
Mama Ana
Papa Juan
Maribel Hernandez
"Bad Influence"
Johnny Ruiz
Joey Molieri
Ramon Analysis of Characters Protagonist: Rita
Antagonist: Bad Influence
Flat: Meli, Johnny, Maribel Hernandez
Round: Rita, Angela, Mama Ana, Papa Juan
Dynamic: Rita, Angela Conflict The conflict of the story is between Rita and herself.
She's not open to change
Has a negative attitude
She's stubborn
She doesn't allow herself to adapt to a new place
Rita is her own bad influence Motifs Family
Bad Influences
Spirits Themes Sometimes you can be your own bad influence
Things that make you happy can hurt you in the end
The best experiences come from unexpected places
Fantasy vs. Reality Themes explained "Sometimes you can be your own bad influence"
In this story, Rita is her own bad influence. She has a bad attitude and doesn't want change. It isn't until she sees how Maribel's boyfriend was a bad influence on Angela that she begins to learn to open up to change and has a better time. "Things that make you happy can hurt you in the end"
Rita learns the hard way that things that make you happy can hurt you in the end. She thought it was a good idea to sleepover her boyfriends house, but in the end it caused her to get into trouble with her parents. Maribel, Angela's mother, also went through something similar. She was happy with her boyfriend, who in the end turned out to be a bad influence on her daughter. " Overview Clarissa, an adopted, sociopath five year old is a loner, sad, and scared. Her lack of friends does nothing to help her adjust to her new home until she goes to her first dance. There, she realizes how much she loves watching the dancers and dancing herself. Over the next couple weeks, she practices her dancing for hours a day, and in doing so, she becomes happier. Her foster mother makes her a beautiful dress and at the next dance, she dances beautifully with the spirit of her ancestors inside her. "The best experiences come from unexpected places"
This applies to Rita finding a love for Puerto Rico and her family after being so hesitant at the start. Rita had not expected the great time she was going to have being sent to her Grandparents. Dancer By Vickie Sears Protagonist: Clarissa, an orphan who has been bounced around from home to home over her lifetime. Antagonist: Clarissa's Past; this is what is holding Clarissa back and giving her the terrifying nightmares explained by the narrator. Dynamic: Clarissa; she goes from not being like the other people in the orphanage to being very enthusiastic about dancing Static: Molly Graybull and Harold; we do not see much change through any of these characters, but they do show the reader their personalities. Exposition: We do not get the name of the narrator or even the name of a city, town, or state that the story is taken place. Conflict: Person vs. Society; we see that Clarissa is a girl who isn't getting along with/ acting like the other kids she is with Climax: When Clarissa asks if she can dance, and then starts to act like the other kids. Falling Action: When Clarissa starts to go over Molly's house to practice dance. Resolution: Old Spirit coming into Clarissa and her dancing with Molly. POV: First Person; person that runs the orphanage/ foster home that Clarissa is at. THEME "Sometimes one thing can change your entire attitude on life." At the beginning of the story we see a girl who did not fit in, and had nightmares of a man killing her with a knife. After Clarissa finds dancing, she is a completely different person; she gets along with others and practices daily. She also never has another gruesome dream, like the past one, again. Motif Passions and Dreams The thing that keeps coming up in this story is the motif of dreams. Before finding her passion of dancing, Clarissa has dreams of a man with a knife and after she sees Molly dancing, she asks if she can dance too. We then find out that those nightmares go away, which could mean that she now dreams of dancing, a passion she now loves.
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