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Kindergarten Flexible Grouping

No description

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Kindergarten Flexible Grouping

Flexible Grouping in
Mrs. Henderson's Kindergarten Class

What will we do in our Groups?
1. Work together
2. Solve problems together
3. Read together
4. Work on projects together
5. Build wind catchers, boats, and other projects together
6. Learn together
7. Get smarter together
Why will we work together?
What type of groups will we work in together?
1. We will work in pairs
2. We will work in small groups
3. We will work in groups the teacher picks
4. We will sometimes get to pick our own groups

Because when we work together we are
better able to solve problems. We will
be able to use our strengths to help
one another.
How will we work in our groups together?
1. We will use whisper voices
2. We will stay on task
3. We will listen to each other
4. We will take turns
5. We will use kind words
What do we do when we are finished?
1. Double check your work
2. Clean up, put scrap papers in recycle bin
3. Go back to the carpet and be ready to share what you learned with the class
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