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Divergent: Factions

Organizer stuff

Turner Cash

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Divergent: Factions

Divergent! By Veronica Roth Factions!!!!!! In Divergent, there are five main groups, or factions, of society. There is Abnegation, the selfless. They run the government. Their selflessness makes them good, fair rulers. Then there is Amity, the l ving and peaceful Amity grows crops. Abnegation wears only grey, to show that they do not care about themselves, or what they look like. Amity is red and yellow, to show happiness and peacefulness. Candor are the truthful. Because of their upbringing, they can tell when someone is lying. Their colors are black and white, signifying clarity because there is no grey area. Their symbol is a balance, showing equality. There is Dauntless, the brave. They wear black. Their symbol is a flame to symbolize their strength. They protect the factions. They are trained to overcome fear and to be able to fight and use guns They are trained to be fearless and to use guns and hand to hand combat. Erudite are the intelligent. Their color is blue. It shows intelligence and stimulates good thoughts. Their symbol is an eye. Most of them have a superiority complex and consider themselves better than the other factions. They are the reporters and media. They uphold the law. Peter, Molly and Drew come from Candor. They are arrogant and self obsessed. Amity's symbol is a tree. It is a peaceful, calm tree. Amity are also the peaceful. Because they grow crops and are peaceful and loving, the tree symbol shows Amity. They are misinformed and believe things about the other factions that are incorrect. Their symbol is an eye, showing that they know everything that goes on. Veronica Roth's book Divergent and it's factions are very intricate and detailed, and I would recommend it to others. Dauntless, the brave Amity, the peaceful Abnegation, the selfless Their symbol is two hands holding. It shows people caring about others before themselves.
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