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No description

Laci Vole

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of MIDTOWN SOCIAL

American Food with a Twist
Shareable Menu Items
Over 40 Craft Beers on Tap

IMC Plan

Media Plan
Industry Analysis
Big Takeaway: Out of any point in the past 10 years, now is the best time to grow in this industry.
Midtown Social brand name
Target Audience
Public Relations
Invest in local Gainesville philanthropic event

Partner and supporter of Dance Marathon at the University of Florida

Social events that offer 10% of the overall sales go towards the organization’s DM goal

VIP Member cards from Midtown Social by any organization will receive a $1,000 Dance Marathon donation to their team
Media Plan

To achieve a reach of 60% of the target market during the six-month campaign.

Key Media:
Internet and Social Media Advertising
Company Analysis
Owners of Midtown Social have over 20 years of experience in the restaurant and bar industry of Gainesville, FL

Location's predecessors cause for some major rebranding of the restaurant and bar’s location
Competitive Analysis
Direct Competitors
Consumer Analysis
Focus Group Makeup:
75% Females, 25% males, Ages 19-22 years old
SWOT Analysis
Product Analysis
Midtown Social is set to introduce an experience unlike any other in Midtown. Its offerings can be broken down into tangible and intangible benefits.
Sophisticated Experience
Completely New Interior
Commitment to Excellent Service
Rooftop Bar

Restaurant that doubles as a bar
101 Cantina
The Swamp Restaurant
Strictly bars
Rowdy Reptile
Balls Bookstore
Fat Daddy’s

Indirect Competitors
Rockey's Duelling Piano Bar
High Dive
Downtown Restaurants
Restaurant Preference in Gainesville

Top Two Restaurants:
The Swamp Restaurant with 23% respondents
Tijuana Flats Restaurant with 22% respondents
Bar Preference in Gainesville
Top Bar in Gainesville:
101 Cantina with 23% of respondents
Tijuana Flats with 23% of respondents
Target Audience
UF Alumni
Son in a fraternity at UF
Attend all home football games
Steve and his son always go out to eat after games and out for a few drinks
Marketing Plan
Because Midtown Social has not yet opened, Downtown Logic recommends running a six month campaign, beginning 3 months before opening and finishing 3 months after.

To generate $100,000 in revenue each weekend for the first three months of operation.
Carlie, 22
She is very busy with coursework
She enjoys grabbing a bite to eat with her friends between classes
During her free time she likes going to some of the cleaner bars in Midtown
Sales Promotion
Sales Promotion
Sales Promotion
Sales Promotion
Sales Promotion
Public Relations
Snapchat filter
Instagram ads
Featured in multiple colors to coordinate with the logo and Midtown Social theme.
Items will be handed out at a booth in Turlington Plaza on the UF campus
Mason jars will be an example of the rustic high class environment Midtown Social will have.
The benefits include: $1 off a well drink, no cover, skip the wait line, and a discounted Uber ride home from Midtown Social
This application offers food and drink discounts to college students, by using the location services through your phone.
Each deal discount only lasts for one to three hours, which keeps users checking app 8,000 downloads in the UF market.
Dance Marathon
Online Marketing
$1,500 budget allocation
Media Schedule
Overall Budget
Budget Percentage
Thank You
for your time!
Any questions?

Consumers are ready to spend disposable income at bars and restaurants again
Consumer tastes have changed - preference of liquor and cocktails
The Southeast region has a lot of opportunity for growth - Florida is among the states with the highest per capita consumption of distilled spirits
Brand Name - Midtown Social didn't seem to resonate with our group.
We found 3 main themes within the focus group: Food and drink is an important combination, atmosphere is everything, and versatility is desired.
"I always end up buying food when I'm out. I like to go to a place that acts as both a restaurant and a bar."
"Casual, yet fun atmosphere"
"Chill atmosphere with good music that isn't too loud"
"Well-lit and spacious"
"I like a versatile place that can fit your mood."
"I like having things to do - like listen to live music, or play games like pool."
Main connotations mentioned:
Ice cream social
Freshmen with lanyards
Something like Gator Stompin'
No connotation
was voted most liked logo with 62 % of the vote.)
Will be used for new website development
Search Engine Optimization
Foundational piece of online marketing
This is how consumers will find you online
Email Marketing
Essential to making sure your patrons keep coming back for more
Used to send specials, updates, reasons to come back in
Limited disposable income
"first" to discover new trends
Appreciate a variety of drink specials
Enjoy cleanliness of bars and restaurants
Alachua County Residents
UF Graduates
UF Alumni
Professional lives
High disposable income
Structured routine
Enjoy quality food and pleasant atmosphere
To create awareness among 60% of the target market by the end of the 6 month campaign period.
Obtain Midtown Social trial among 40% of the target market.

Create interest in 60% of the target market by the end of the 6 month campaign period.
Stimulate demand to 50% within the 6 month campaign period.
Team 1
Laci Vole, Makayla Thomas, Sami Sachi, Tori Wienke, & Kevin Valade

Top two voted names:
Blue 52 with 51% of respondents
Midtown Social 48% of respondents
Top two name associations:
Bar with 63% of respondents
Club with 25% of respondents
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