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Chewing Gum in school

No description

a m

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Chewing Gum in school

CHEW YOUR WAY TO THE TOP BY: ALYSSA MANLEY, MICHELLE HAMM XYLITOL- chemical that helps brain retain information HOW GUM HELPS WITH TEST SCORING? Pros of chewing gum More Information about chewing gum Cons More notes Why we are right and how they can be solved How were right Continued Studying can be a hassle, and very stressful, sometimes we forget the information when the test comes. Stress reliever
Improves brain memory
ect Notes ............................ Easy simple solutions that can be fixed.. More pros, and back up information Your grades determine your future. What if there was an easy way to help you remember information for a test? ...................... Quote Graphs Have two graphs showing the increase fo grades when kids chew gum Conclusion Thesis combined
this should be considered increases memory by 35% can be a disturbance towards other children if loud teachers do not want to find gum in unauthorized areas can destroy furniture Xylitol is in sugar free gum, when chewed gets into bloodstream Once in bloodstream- travels to hippo campus (part of brain) HOW DOES THIS PERTAIN TO SCHOOL? after studying, kids tend to forget the information they went over then do poorly on the test. Gum is a great solution because... 1. helps retain information 2. counts as physical activity therefore boosts brain performance 3. keeps children relaxed and less stressed while test taking. hmmmmm.......... CHEWING GUM IN SCHOOL... GOOD OR BAD? •"Chewing gum is an easy tool students can use for a potential academic edge," says Craig Johnston, Ph.D., the lead researcher and an instructor in nutrition at the Department of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine.” (http://articles.cnn.com) "Sugar free Gum is unhealthy"... or is it? Sugar free gum helps with dental problems. Xylitol also creates saliva which eliminates bacteria food cravings are eradicated due to lack of focus on food counts as physical activity- burns 11 calories an hour! doctors say it relieves heart burn Dentists say that it prevents tooth decay ON TOP OF HELPING KIDS IN SCHOOL, IT CAN HELP KEEP YOU HEALTHY AS WELL! (Don't let young children chew in school) (If disturbing, take the gum away!) •Main reason for hiding gum under desk is because kids are scared to be caught by the teacher •"Xylitol" and "Sorbitol". Gums with these ingredients, keep the health of the teeth intact and prolong tooth decay. They whiten the teeth and prevent the formation of stains on them. Also, it is good way to exercise the jaw muscles, making both the jaw and teeth stronger!” (http://www.buzzle.com) Lowers stress level in school... How??? relaxes children while testing- gives brain something else to do while test taking, therefore nerves are gone Reduces anxiety- gives brain something else to do... and not worry about places to be, people to see. motivates brain to think harder- turns brain on, boosts brain performance level. •“Researches have shown that children, who chew sugar free gum during the exams or tests, score anywhere between 26% to 36% better. (http://www.buzzle.com) XYLITOL •can cause muscle pain inside the mouth Sugar free gum is proven to help oral hygene. Those are all good rebuttals but.... The main reason kids put gum under there desk, is because they are tring to hide it form there teachers ids could be given disipline when and when not to chew gum K What if children could only chew gum during class work So as you see there is no strong reason that chewing gum should not be allowed in school All these reasons can be fixed with disipline and renforcment Simple Solutions... So as you have seen -Gum is a definite benifit to all children -Proven to inrease study skills - Helps keep children attentive during class -Helps with oral hygiene too We think chewing gum while testing and doing school work should be allowed Thank you = ? Works Cited
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