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In the Name of Beauty

head binding/cranial binding

Natalie Robinson

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of In the Name of Beauty

Head Binding/Cranial Binding Natalie Robinson
period 8th How many years has it been practiced? The practice of cranial binding dates back to 45,000 BC . Who developed the ritual? Cranial Binding was first recorded in 400 B.C, Hippocrates' description of the Macrocephali or Long-heads, who were named for their practice of cranial modification What age do people do this at? You start the process of binding the head as a infant. Usually a month after birth and then contentious for six months. In the Name of Beauty This practice in most places is not legal because of the dangers and it would be marked as child abuse in certain places. Is this practice legal? Flat shapes, elongated ones is produced by binding between to pieces of wood.
Round ones are formed by binding them in cloth.
Conical ones are among those chosen. How Cranial Binding done? Is this ritual widely accepted by society? Cranial deformation was performed to signify group affiliation, or to demonstrate social status. They would try to create a skull shape that is more pleasing or associated with desirable attributes. Why do people do practice this ritual? The risks and results of head/cranial binding leaves a soft spot on the head. What are the risk and results? Because of the pressure of the board it cause lateral growth and a permanent effect on the skull. Can this ritual be reversed?




http://www.perceptions.couk.com/authority.html Links Ginevra d'Este - c. 1435-1445
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