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Puritan Architecture

No description

Daniel Smith

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Puritan Architecture

When the puritans arrived in America their were abundant forests leaving no shortage of wood for houses but we did not see wooden houses pop up until 1650.
Puritan Architecture
Q: How was the house constructed

A: Puritan houses were constructed using a wooden frame and filling in the walls with clay, reed, or mud
By: Dylan Rudorfer, Truit Folk, and Daniel Smith
Q: How were Puritan houses laid out

Q: What did Puritan houses look like

A: Puritan houses were one to two stories high, made of wood, and usually had a stone fireplace.
The puritans were a tightly knit religious community having a church near every town
Q: What was the town layout of a Puritan settlement

A: Houses were built close together around grassy plains and the meeting house. Outside of the village places to plant crops were allotted
Q: Why were houses built so close together

A: Settlers could be close to their animals while they grazed and would be close to each other incase of an indian attack
Q: What are the differences between half houses, three quarter houses, and full houses

A: Size
Special designs of houses

The kitchen was built in the back of the house to warm the "borning room" (Place where babies are born) so the mother will be close to the baby
Other special designs of the house

The houses were built facing the south so the sun would warm the front rooms. (Even though the sun rises in the East)
The End
The earliest of Puritan homes consisted of mud or clay houses with a thatched roof made from reeds. These early houses usually only had one basic room
(Not an actual
Puritan house)
These mud houses had the bare essentials for cooking and sleeping with a wooden table and a set of chairs. It is not until the 1650s we see houses made from wood
Q: What were Puritan churches like

A: Puritan churches were sparsely decorated and relied on linear structures and open lighting
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