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How Acting Relates to MATH

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student studentaga

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of How Acting Relates to MATH

How Acting Relates to MATH
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Why did I choose acting???
How does math relate to acting?
Math can relate to acting in several different ways. You have to stand on a particular X so that the lights can have the perfect angle to shine down on you, or the camera can get a perfect shot. There is timing you have to get right, and in musicals dance steps you count to or measures in songs. The stage can be seen as a plane, and the X's as different points you move to. Being directed upstage, downstage, right, left, downstage right profile left, etc. can be described as a "mathematical-like chess" game. There are act numbers, scene numbers, and a number of lines to memorize. Blocking has to be perfect, and set pieces and tech aspects of a show are worked on for weeks. These are only a few of the ways acting relates to math.
Math Specifics #1: Theatre
Ways math specifically relates to theatre:
1. Blocking: Where you have to move to on a stage, and what direction you need to be facing.
2. Timing/Lines: When you should move or say a line, knowing which scene number and on which line number you come in.
3. Set: Specific set pieces are usually built for multiple purposes such as a block could be used as a stool, table, or crate. Also where the set pieces should be set.
4. Tech: Sound (timing) and Lighting (angles, timing)
Math Specifics #2: Musical Theatre
How math specifically relates to musical theatre:
In addition to the theatre aspects!
1. Music: Counting the rhythm and beats to the song, knowing when to sing, being aware of the measures and how many beats per measure.
2. Dance: Counting out the steps, timing them correctly to the music, knowing where to go and when to do the steps.
Math Specifics #3: Camera Acting
How math specifically relates to camera acting:
While camera acting involves many of the same aspects of theatre, you do not have to worry about cheating out to the audience or knowing exactly where the spotlight will be. In acting for the camera, the camera, lights, and sound all come to you.
1. Camera: There is math to do with the lens in the camera, for example zooming in and out. Also knowing how long the scene can be and what number take you are on.
2. Lighting and Sound (for people doing tech): Knowing how to get a good light so your face won't be washed out or too bright, and getting the boom mike the perfect distance from the speaker to get the sound right for the scene.
3. Timing and Lines: Just like in theatre, you have to memorize lines and know when you are supposed to say something.
4. Editing: The editing process of a movie or show can take a long time because you have to be able to fit in the right amount of screen time, cut things, and make everything look real.
The reason I chose acting for this project was because it is my favorite thing to do. I love all kinds of acting: theatre, musical theatre, and my ultimate favorite: acting for the camera. I really hope to be an actress when I'm older. Because of this, I thought it would be interesting to learn how acting relates to math.
A picture of the Hollywood Sign I took in L.A.!
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