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Totalitarianism in Spain

No description

Crawford Humphreys

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Totalitarianism in Spain

Dictators In the 20th Century
Totalitarianism in Spain
Essential Question
Why did Totalitarianism thrive in Spain in the twentieth century?
What is Totalitariansim?
--Totalitarianism countries establish and maintain a highly integrated social system that controls nearly every aspect of public and private life.
--Totalitarianism destroys all social, legal, and political traditions that precede it.
--Totalitarianism uses terror to create unpredictability and fear.

What led to the rise of Dictators in the 20th century?

Francisco Franco
Nature of Authoritarian Rule
- Born December 4th 1892.
- Spanish general
- Franco's slogan "Caudillo de España, por la gracia de Dios"
- Lead Spain as a dictatorship.
-Francisco was in control of the entire Spanish goverment until 1975
-Died December 1975
authoritarianism: a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator, not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition
Why did totalitarian rule thrive during times of depressions?
- Many European countries were in a weak financial state because of WWI. When the stock market crashed in America it had a ripple affect to the countries that relied on the US stock market and economy.
-After WWI, many countries could not recover from the cost of war.
-In response to the economic disaster, some nations fell under the control of totalitarian dictators.
-A combination of postwar resentment and economic fall and disaster allowed military dictatorships.
What were the first moves of dictators?
1. Using their armies to invade other locations
2. Striking fear in their citizens
How did dictators consolidate power?
-Unusual circumstances
-Military force
Outcome of Totalitarianisim?
The outcome of totalitarianism in Spain and other countries is a loss of freedom. People are controlled by one person of great power in the government and military that has taken control. People are murdered because of their counteractive opinions.
- Lack of self-goverment.
- Ethnic conflicts.
- Citizens start to rely on a person of high power.
Dictators had full control of citizens, believing that the better of the country came before the better of an individual.

Why did totalitarianism rule thrive in Spain?
- In 1936 a bloody civil war broke out in Spain.
- Civil war ended in nationalist dictatorship.
- People of Spain looked for a person of power with a plan for the country.
Life in Spain Under Franco's Rule
Nationalist vs. Republican
Secret Police
Franco's Strategy
The Spanish citizens were in unusual circumstances with the ongoing depression and were desperate for a higher power to bail them out of their financial and governmental issues.
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