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Natural Disasters

No description

Ariana Evensen

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Natural Disasters

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Natural Disasters!
What Causes Natural Disasters?
a) Magic
b) Plate tectonics
c) Weather systems
d) A & B
e) B & C
f) All of the above
Plate Tectonics
The Earth is so hot that most of its interior is liquid or sticky rock
Crust is the "apple skin" that rests on the taffy-like surface of the mantle
There are over 30 tectonic plates making up Earth's crust.
When Plates interact
Convergent plates
- plates running into each other cause mountain building, can form volcanoes, and produce earthquakes
Divergent plates
- plates moving away from each other create holes in the crust that are filled in by hot magma.
Transform plates
- plates sliding past each other grind together and produce large earthquakes.

Occur when molten rock underground, or magma, rises to the surface creating an eruption of lava, gas, rocks, and/or ash.

Shield Volcanoes
Thin, less viscous magma
Lava flows form short and wide mountains
Form islands if erupting in water
Cinder Cone Volcanoes
Eruptions launch scalding rocks and ash
Ash and rock form volcano sides
Less lava present
Strato Volcanoes
Eruptions alternate between pyroclastic and lava flows
Mountain forming
Very dangerous

Other Volcanic Hazards
Forest Fires
Noxious gases
Caused by tectonic plate grinding
Can be measured with wave-sensitive seismographs
One is expected off the coast of Oregon anytime now
Building collapse
Gas explosions
Falling objects
Can be caused by earthquakes
Caused by landslides, especially in lakes
Not always a "giant wave"
Cause Tsunamis
Occur for a variety of reasons
Over saturation
Loss of vegetation
Angle of mountain side
Leave huge scars on mountain side
Rain and wind in extreme amounts can cause natural disasters
floods - flash floods
tornadoes & hurricanes
Flash Floods
Common in deserts
Carve out desert terrain
Most dangerous of all floods
Can happen anywhere
Can carve rock over time or with large amounts of water
Can destroy homes and are dangerous
Caused by monsoons, constant rain
Forms over land
Common in the midwest
Forms over oceans
Common in the Caribbean
Ocean surges
Fast, dangerous winds
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