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Legal Influences on Sports Businesses

No description

Stacey Roberts

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Legal Influences on Sports Businesses

Legal Influences on Sports Businesses
Think- Individually think about which laws are relevant to sports businesses.

Pair- In pairs, discuss your ideas.
Share- Share your ideas with the rest of the class.
By the end of the next 2 lessons YWBAT-

Describe the legal and financial influences on a sports business.
A number of laws have been passed which makes it illegal for an employer to dicriminate against a person on the grounds of-
Marital Status
Sexual Orientation

Race Regulations act 1976 (updated 2000)
Equal Pay Act 1984
Sex Discrimination Act 2000
Employment Equality Regulations (2003)
Disability Discriminatio Act (1995)
Health and Safety
Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992
The Health and Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992
The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
Emergency Procedures.
Legal Influences on a Sports Business
There are laws in relation to several areas that can influence a sports business. These include-

Health and Safety
Treatment of Employees
What are legal influences?
A number of laws have been passed to help protect employees and employers while at work.
Treatment of Employees

The Employment Act 2002
The Working Time Regulations 1989
The Christmas Day Trading Act 2004
Think, Pair, Share
The Fair Trading Act 1973
Group Work
In groups of 3/4 research the laws and regulations that influence sports businesses.
Group Work
Each Group will research different laws and regulations.
Group Work
After gathering the information you need, produce a powerpoint presentation on the laws and regulations you have researched. You will present your information to the other groups in next week's lesson.
Group Work
When gathering the information and creating your presentations make sure you think about and discuss how the regulations influence sports businesses.
Upload your presentations into the Sport as a Business Student File that has been shared with you on Google Drive
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