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African Government

No description

Chuck Norris

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of African Government

Types Of Government
There are three types of government; Oligarchic, Autocratic and Democracy.
This government is the type of government where ONE ruler has absolute power. It also usually has a unitary government system. Monarchies and Dictatorships are a part of this type of government.
In this form of government, the citizens "rule". (They choose laws, leaders, etc.)
African Countries
Nigeria- Presidential Democracy
South Africa- Republic (Under Democracy)
Egypt- Presidential Democracy
South Sudan- Republic
Sudan- Presidential Democracy
Congo- Republic
Libya- Military Dictatorship
Kenya- Republic
Ethiopia- Republic
Image by Tom Mooring
African Government

This form of Democracy always has a parliament. Also instead of the head of state being the head of government, (Presidential), they are both separate people.
This form of Democratic government, the head of state is also the head of government. Almost always the head of state is called the president. A form of this government is Republics.
This type of government is run by a small group of people. Power is almost always spread using the government system unitary, or confederation. Political parties are considered a Oligarchic form of government.

South Africa used this type of government when the country's apartheid laws were still use.
By: Adrien W., Hunter H., Shawna C. , Gabrielle P.

Standard SS7CG1: The student will compare various forms of government.
An example of this type of government in Africa is Libya.
There are two types of Democratic governments; Parliamentary & Presidential.
An example of this form of government in Africa is South Africa (now).
Some examples of this type of government in Africa is Sudan/North Sudan, South Sudan, and Nigeria.
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