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Hollywood and the Great Depression

No description

Lisa Pham

on 31 December 2016

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Transcript of Hollywood and the Great Depression

Dorothy Lange
Dorothy Lange was an american photographer during the Great Depression.

42nd street is a simple story which took place in Broadway in the 30th. It’s about a producer, Julian Marsh who really wants to build a musical with a small budget. The main character of the musical “Pretty Lady” is Dorothy Broke who’s gonna suddenly broke her ankle. So it’s gonna be a talented girl, Peggy Sawyer who will replace her. By this role, Peggy Sawyer will become a true legend.
Opening scene of the movie King-Kong
The document is an extract from the movie King-Kong directed by Peter Jackson.
At the beginning, we can see a dilapidated zoo surrounded by squalid slums. Central park has become a big garbage dump.
The bustle of the city is so astonishing ! A lot of people are getting in line for free soup.
All of these events depicts New York under the Great Depression. That's why during this period, there were plenty of vaudeville theaters to uplift people's bleak spirit. People need to change their mind.
The dilapidated zoo
Shanty towns
Getting in line for free soup
Bustle of New York
Hollywood and the Great Depression
The Great Depression represented by the opening scene of King Kong
Summary of the musical
Go into your dance
They had to work 1500 hours.
42nd street
Vaudeville Theaters
They had to use 100kg of paillettes and 1,7 tons of painting.
Busby Berkeley
Busby Berkeley was an american choregrapher and director. He elaborated musical that often involved complex geometric patterns.
Free soup
Al Capone established the free soup during the Great Depression. He was famous because he was a gangster, a crime boss.
The Grapes Of Wrath
The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck is an American novel about the Great Depression. It was published on April 14th 1939. The Grapes of Wrath is a story about a farm family, the Joads, who had been forced to travel west to the promised land of California.
Modern Times
Modern Times is a movie realised by Charles Chaplin. Date: February 5th 1936. It’s a story about Charlot, a workman who hates all of these machines which he is working with. One day, he met an orphan and decided to adopt her.
The Grapes Of Wrath
Modern Times
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