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Daily Life & Holiness in St Josemaría's Teachings

An overview of the book by Ernst Burkhart and Javier López

Jose Mario Mandia

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Daily Life & Holiness in St Josemaría's Teachings

A Study in Spiritual Theology Daily Life and Holiness A. Give glory to GOD--Deo omnis gloria
B. CHRIST at the summit of all human activity--regnare Christum volumus
C. Cooperate with the HOLY SPIRIT to build the CHURCH. Apostolate 1. With respect to the PERSON: awareness of being adopted sons of God--ipse Christus
2. With respect to their NATURE--freedom of children of God
3. With respect to their POTENCIES--virtues of the children of God 1. In ORDINARY LIFE: family, work, society
2. Interior STRUGGLE
3. Means of SANCTIFICATION "I do not pray that thou shouldst take them out of the world, but that thou shouldst keep them from the evil one." (Jn 17:15) in the Teaching of St Josemaría A schematic summary of the three-volume work of Ernst Burkhart & Javier López Volume 1
Volume 2
WHO? Volume 3
HOW? "You shall be holy; for I the LORD your God am holy." (Lev 19:2; cf I Pt 1:16) "You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Mt 5:48) "Gloria enim Dei vivens homo;
vita autem hominis visio Dei."
(St Irenaeus, Adversus Haereses, IV, 20, 7)
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