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Inês Q.S

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Brazil

São Luís

Geographical characteristics:
Area: 827,141 km²
Population: 1 053 910 hab.
Height: 4 m
São Paulo
State: Santa Catarina
Area: 675,409 km ² (BR)
Urban Area: 31.9 km ² (BR: 98 SC: 6)
Population: 453 285 inhabitants.
Density: 671.127 inhabitants / km ²
Climate: humid subtropical
Rio de Janeiro
27.3% of all tourists
World Cup (2014)
Olympics (2016)
famous for it's beaches and hills
cultural tourism (museums, theaters, etc.)
Poços de Caldas
State: Minas Gerais
Area: 544.420 km ² 2
Population: 161 025 hab.
Density: 295.77 hab. / Km ²
Altitude: 1196 m
Highland tropical climate
Good Things:
Know as Brazilian athens city, reggae city, city of mosaics and Love Island
Good Things
DONA MARTA Viewpoint
360 meters altitude
38 meters tall.
Second largest Christ in the world.
The hill Pão de Açucar
750 meters long and 396 meters high
-Guided tours
-68,857 people - Flamengo x Atlético-PR - Brazil Cup 2013 Final
Sambódromo da Marquês de Sapucaí
capacity of 72,500 people
22% of the population of the city of Rio de Janeiro live in favelas
There are 763 favelas
Most dominated by drug traffickers
Armed robbery
Thefts of handbags and jewelry

Fountain of Love
Source of Three Wishes
Japanise Nook
View Poços de Caldas
Floral clock
Véu das Noivas (Veil Brides)
Good things
Bad Things
State: São Paulo
Area: 1 522,986 km²
Population: 11 821 876 hab.
Density:7762,3 hab./km²
Altitude: 760 m
Climate: Humid subtropical

Good Things
Ibirapuera Park
Paulista Avenue and MASP
Se Cathedral
Itaquera Stadium
Ipiranga Museum
Bad Things
in the center of the city
Localization: Moema
Area: 1,584 km²
inside there are museums, auditoriums, gymnasiums, lakes and monuments.
Avenue is an economic pole, but also a cultural and entertainment center.
Length: 2700m
Bad Things
Art Museum of São Paulo
The opening stadium of the World Cup
Collection of over 125,000 items, with the history of both the city and the independence of Brazil.
Next to the place where he was proclaimed the independence of Brazil in 1822.
São Luís - Geographical Characteristics:

Area: 827,141 km²
Population: 1 053 919 hab.
Wheather: Tropical
Height: 4 m

Nearly 2 million people, equivalent to 11% of the population live in favelas. Normally without the basic conditions of health and safety.
The subway is not enough for about 4 million passengers per day. In rush hour, it gets overcrowded.
The historic record was 344km traffic, because of rain, broken traffic lights and bus strike. 05/23/2014
Bad Things
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