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Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria definition

No description

Kima Yeltayeva

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria definition

Metrics and KPI: definition
Measuring the performance of solutions, solution components, and other matters of interest to stakeholders (a type of performance measurement)

- A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a
measurable value
that demonstrates the
of a business process at contributing to the attainment of key business objectives.
- By monitoring the right KPIs and business metrics, you gain valuable
into the
of your business and, more importantly, gain the
strategic awareness
you need to make the right decision at the right time.

A metric is a quantifiable measure of progress and can be used to measure a Key Performance Indicator

Target metric - an objective to be reached within a specified period
Key Performance Indicator, an indicator that shows progress toward a strategic goal or objective.

Key performance indicators define a set of values used to measure against.

Example: New customers acquisition, Mean time to repair, Dollars Spent / Month
Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria definition: definition
a clear understanding of
the deliverable
will be accepted
by the customer.
the deliverable
Acceptance criteria
We use acceptance criteria to define a set of requirements which, when not met, result in project failure.
Evaluation criteria
We use evaluation criteria to enable stakeholders to choose between available solutions

- These define
a set of requirements
used to
choose between multiple solutions
to a particular problem.
- They are typically built to allow for
of the
various solutions
under consideration.
In order to evaluate potential solutions, this set of requirements is
by order of importance. The solutions will then be scored against the ranked set of requirements using a pre-established evaluation scale. A ‘must have’ requirement that is not met by a proposed solution should remove that solution from consideration.from consideration.
Acceptance criteria (
do we accept the task?
- the goal is completed in full
- the task is performed until the deadline
- ...
Evaluation criteria (
choose the best task between your own two tasks
) - MoSCoW:
- brings you benefit - M
- allows creating a habit - W
- produces tangible outcome - c
- ...

- These define
a minimal set of requirements
that must be met in order for
a solution
or a solution component
to be considered acceptable
to its key stakeholders. - They are defined
early in the project life cycle
and must be met (pass or fail) in order to say that a solution is complete, correct and worth implementing.
- Test cases are written that verify the solution against its defined and agreed-upon acceptance criteria.
both criteria must be

(e.g. MoSCoW) and
scoring (
is a best practice to manage them.

Target Metric for goal number 1: 3 sm
Target Metric for goal number 2: 1 story

KPI for goal number 1: Loose in waist
KPI for goal number 1: write 1 chapter
a day
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