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about SMX. please press the right-arrow button to view the next page~ also recommand fullscreen to watch this prezi~


on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Blogger

How it began...
For a long time, I didn't even remember what i was doing, or how i lived through my life!
Me Using my Blog
SMX, my Blog:
* as a Web Entrance (with Web Links)
* with my diary, reflections
* a place storing information, experiences
* a place brainstorming ideas
* a place rechecking, backing-up, relearning
* also supervising myself

Welcome Anyone to my Blog!
Not only me, you can also access my Blog through the Internet, welcome:
* My families
* My friends
* My teachers
* Anyone !

if only me know those stuff i found useful then it would be too sad
Idea !
Why not write a dairy!
Find a nice Notebook and start it!
My experience tells we that it won't work!

It just fail all the time...
I should try it a new way!
how about... huh...
Maybe I could try it on the Internet, like, write a Blog!
Not only won't i loss it, but I can track it wherever I'm connected to the Net!
Because a couple time later, I would totally forget about it!
I don't even know where I throw, uh, I mean "put" my diary in the end!
So, that's how it began!
My new Blog - SunMoonX!!!
My Blog
Web resources...
my experiences...
So do it !!!
* General
* Reflections
* PC
* Food
* Books
* Healths
* Rests......
* Schoolworks
* Med
* @w@
Web Entrance
* Links
* Bookmarks
* Shares
* news (maybe)
* ...
Still thinking ...

* programming
* Finance (maybe)
* Stock (maybe)
* Photos (maybe)
* Spiritual (maybe)
on Google Blogger!
Give it a Try!
why ? because:

* a Google Services
* cowork With Google plus, Gmail
* link from Picasa, Google photo
* can customize Templates (html coding)
* No Ads !
Setting up a Blog
Never started a blog before..
Need to figure out the Interface of my Blog, according my need and the way to show to others...

Customizing Blogger Template to fit my needs, and contentment...... need proper skills, and time...learning & trying those fancy templates or useful widgets...

Just learn it!
So I need to Study:
* javascripts... @@
my Blog!
Take a quick look
Sitemap & About
Share with you!
I wished I could share with others my experience, and help them!

Feedback from you!
Anyone can feedback to me, or even supervise me! ><
Welcome any ideas, advise, comments!
Leave me a message!
Web Entrances
Why add Web Links on my Blog?
But, there's a problem, when I leave my firefox, then I've got nothing left, literately, because those record are all in my friefox!
When I'm outside and I need to go somewhere or find something on the net, I would need to google it from the beginning, which really sucks...trust me, really sucks.
Because, I was sometimes troubled by the way I used to surf the Net.

I used to use firefox as my favorite browser, and those website I frequently use or those blogs I follow, or anything I found useful, I added a bookmarks to the firefox.

Yes! Links!
No, I'm not staying in my firefox for ever, so...
I need to set a platform with all my favorites links, useful sites, good tools, and all other stuffs that I use helpful.

That's it, Links on my Blog!
Set up a web links list in my Blog, so I can access it anywhere !
Web Links !
Easy Access by anyone!
Not only myself, you can also use it!
Come check if anything is useful to you!
If any advices or recommendations, let me know!
Last but not least
To be serious, it could be a idiot try for me to set up this blog, or might end up a bad move...
so, please tell me how you fell about SMX, I'm kindly welcome any constructive comments, and sincerely willing to hear any advises from anyone who visit SMX. Thank you!
Finally !
I come up with this Blog Name, 日月SunMoonX, or I sometimes just call it SMX.
Most of you might easily recongize that's me indeed!
You can go to "
" page, to take a quick tour of SMX, wish can hlep you be more familiar to it.

You can also check the "
" page, there's some more introduce to SMX.
And keep trying...
Keeping trying some more templates and widget for about a couple weeks...

at last ...
Combine the Internet with my diary :
* My bookmarks, links (smx as my web entrances)
* My diaries, reflections, ideas
* My works
* My experiences, like: 3C products usage...(in Diary)
* Others, still thinking...

" Ha! "
Here with all links of useful Links, Resources!
Easy Access, from
! As long as you're connect to the Net...

And me?
just as mentioned before...
Check it agin!
if you want...
That's it! The end!
Thank you for watching, althouhgt I made this for myself at the beginning...

See you in the Blog!

# done. ver1.2
2013.09.24 MD
This is a story about me setting up my BLog....

Let's start...
I might even invite you inside as an writer!
Made By MD, copyright all rights reserved, photos are from prezi.com and the Internet
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