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Effects of Advertising

Team Presentation HUM/186

Erich Schweizer

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Effects of Advertising

Presented by:
Erich Schweizer
Lauren Hill
Barbara Pierce
Crystal Thorne Effects of Advertising Automobile Class of Consumer Product Personal Care References www.snovalleycoffee.com www.qunnarftory.com www.slacktory.com www.theinspirationroom.com www.youtube.com Who determines ethical
standards for advertising? (FTC) Federal Trade Commission Ch 10 & Ch 11 of Media & Culture Identify one key
persuasive technique
used in consumer advertising. Irritation advertising Geico In what
ways have
advertising affected
American culture? Critical issues that may arise from:
Children and Advertising LUNESTA – sleep medication * Target group is anyone who is restless at night;
mainly adults.

* Repeats the brand name “Lunesta” very often.

* Makes sleep look peaceful, shows it's very easy to fall asleep,
shows you will have a long night's sleep.

*The Moth in the commercial is called a “Luna Moth.” The Luna Moth is actually found in forest areas, not cities or residential areas. They are incredibly active only at night. They are not tiresome, calming bugs like the commercial portrays, and they are attracted to bright lights. Doesn’t make sense in a sleep commercial. Health/Medicine www.google.com

www.time.com Critical issues that arise from advertising in schools: Critical issues that arise from health and advertising: Critical issues that may arise from political advertising: This commercial was very interesting to me ,because it touches on all five of our senses. Without all five senses working, our brain tells us to strengthen our other ones and they become stronger. Unusual elements: how we react to others personal hygiene around us. Target group: I feel this commercial targets everyone. Appeal: This appeals to consumers by showing how important personal hygiene is. What I found unusual was the fact that a toy car was used instead of the actual car as in most commercials. The target consumer would be the adults with children. Simply for the reason that the child would want it because a toy was used. Also the music could be a factor by the consumer just liking the song. It would appeal to consumers by the music played in the video and stating the facts that the vehicle is fast and is a type of muscle car. I believe commercial to be effective in brand recognition by showing make, model, and year of the vehicle being marketed. Ethical standards are met by the commercial being truthful about the mentioned vehicle. Famous-person testimonial Hidden fear approval Band-wagon effect Pros
Informs everyone on the candidates and how they present themselves.
Lets the person be well known. Cons
People get misinterpretations
Side effects from medications
Falsification about the drugs. Pros
Learn about new medicines
Being able to see doctors about new medications Pros
They can learn about programs to help them in school.
They can easily prepare for furthering their education.
Persuades kids to want everything out there.
Makes things they shouldn't have or look at more appealing. Pros
New products for parents.
Schooling tools (Leap Frog, educational toys)
Children can see things on TV and try them in real life.
Negative things look more appealing to them (smoking, drinking, etc)
People have learned about things they may not have known about.
Widen view points. Cons
Negative influential behavior
Portrays bad things (smoking, drinking) to be a good thing
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