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Kaylee Harmon

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of the

The Heros of the American Revolution
George Washington

Marquis de Lafayette
Lafayette helped the American troops with uniforms.
He raised troops' spirits.
He led the American troops into many victories.
Lafayette was a major general for the Americans.
He was an experienced leader.
Washington never wanted to give up.
He always wanted best for his troops.
Washington was inspired and had confidence in his men.
He also wanted the best strategy for his army.
John Burgoyne
Burgoyne was put in charge of one the best army's
He captured Fort Ticonderoga
He never tried to hurry his men
He was a role model for many young men seeking to join the army.
Esther DeBerdt Reed
She formed an organization to provide aid for Washington's troops.
Reed and her organization went from door-to-door and raised 300,000 dollars.
With the money she bought linen and sewed 2,200 shirts for the soldiers.
Charles Cornwallis
Cornwallis controlled the war in the south.
he was the second commander to Sir Henry Clinton.
Nathanael Greene
Greene was promoted to the rank of major general.
He commanded the right wing of Washington's army.
Greene's army led the British on a wild goose chase to tire them out.
He slowed down the British army with Washington.
General Howe
Howe was the general of the British army.
He had his own plans.
The British looked at Howe like the Americans looked at Washington.
Sir Henry Clinton
Clinton replaced General Howe.
He brought in the Royal Navy.
He took over Philadelphia.
Clinton started the Southern campaign.
The End
Thank you for listening! :)

By Kaylee Harmon
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