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Coraline - Book vs Film English Year 9

No description

Megan Ring

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Coraline - Book vs Film English Year 9

Coraline - Book vs Film
For this next unit of English we will be looking at the text Corlaline and the transformation from book to film. A transformation can be when an original creation is adapted to become a new product. In this case book to film. Transformation between book to film is where books "come to life", made "real" by the miracle of film and television (as much as a two-dimensional representation is real). For some authors, seeing their books turned into extravagantly funded film is the culmination of a dream.

What are other things you can think of that involve transfomations?

Complex analysis is involved in making the transformation from book to film and hopefully, over the next couple of weeks, we can gain a greater understanding of how this happens. A book turning into a film is the transformation of one format (or medium) to another.

Coraline was originally written by Neil Gaiman to be a modern day fairy tale. It was such a huge success it was transformed into a 3D film, a graphic novel, a stage musical and a computer game. It is an excellent example of how, in today's world a single work can end up in many different forms.
Turning books into movies
Books don’t necessarily translate as well to the screen.
Are there any books you know that have been turned into movies that were not good?
Other books are so complicated they never could be condensed to a two-hour film.
Often, the biggest challenge in adapting a book is being able to meet the fans’ expectations. It’s critical to know the story from all angles and to be able to make the right choices in what to cut and what to keep.

With your book from the library you need to complete question 1 from the 'Strands in Action' sheet.
Transforming your book
Continuing with the theme of transformation, today you will be turning the first page of you chosen novel into a graphic novel. This will be done as a draft in your English book, which I will need to see, then produced as a good copy for marking. You may draw or animate your graphic novel excerpt.

The purpose of this task is:
Language variation and change (identifying the ways in which language evolves and adapts through the process of transformation)
Expressing and developing ideas (comparing and contraction vocabulary choices)
Literature and context (evaluating ways characters and themes are presented in different texts)
Creating literature (taking an original text and creating an adaption of it)
Interpreting, analyising and evaluating (eeing how the same story can be presented in different mediums)
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