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Affecting the Rain Forest Animals that live in the Temperate rainforests Where the Temperate Rainforest is located Video Temperate
Rainforest Climate Plants that live in the Temperate Rainforests By:
Fatima End Bibliography -www.temperaterainforests.org -www.marietta.edu -www.kidcyber.com.au -YouTube -www.world-builders.org -www.sciencekids.co.nz 2-Bamboo spring Summer Winter Fall 1-Redwood Facts 3-Ferns In the rainforest rabbits usuelly eat grass and any other type of plants that they find satisfying spotted Owls that live in the rainforest eat. mice , shrew , snakes , frogs and also baby birds. pocupines actully eat leaves , twigs and also green plants like cabbage and clover. And in the winter, they may eat bark squirrels that live in the rainforest eat nuts and sometimes they eat insects.
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