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My Eco Web

No description

Olivia Maseloff

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of My Eco Web

By: Olivia Maseloff oil Toothbrush Water Bottle Reuse as cleaning tool for small places Petroleum My Eco Web 4 months Reuse by refilling water bottle for another use On use Towel Cotton 10 years Reuse by cutting up
as cleaning rags Book Tree Forever Buy books online to save paper Shampoo Oil 1 month Reduce amount
used every day CD's Oil Until scratched Buy music
electronically Toilet Paper Tree 5 months Reduce the
amount used Cell Phone Sand 2 years Do not buy a new phone so often if there's nothing wrong with it Hairband Rubber 3 weeks Reuse to bind together books or papers Sponge Oil 2 weeks Reuse to wash
a car Ziplock Bags Oil 1 month Wash and reuse Eraser Rubber 2 months Reuse as
paperweight Paper Tree On use Reuse entire sheet of paper Notebook Tree 6 months Reuse metal part to unclog sink/toilet Desk Tree 2 years Reuse as firewood Milk Cow 1 week Reuse
as sour
milk for baking Dog Leash Cotton 1 year Reuse to help stake
a tree or plant Gas Petroleum 1 week Reduce amount used Tissues Tree On use Reuse box as change holder Shower Curtain Oil 10 years Cut up into rag for cleaning Paper Towels Tree On use Reuse inside for
telescope toy Pillow Cotton 10 years Reuse pillow case as bag for Halloween candy Fork Aluminum 10 years Reuse as coat hooks Pencil Tree 1 week Use the entire pencil before disposal Jeans Cotton 3 years Cut up for jean shorts
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