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Marijuana and the Brain

No description

Aaron Cleveland

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Marijuana and the Brain

How each part is affected
The Brain
Parts of the Brain
Limbic System
Brain stem
Each lobe and its function
Parietal lobe-Contains the sensory functions such as touch, taste, and smell
Occipital lobe-responsible for sight
Temporary lobe- Responsible for memory and hearing
Frontal lobe- responsible for personality, interaction, and attention
Marijuanas affect on each lobe
Parietal lobe- Touch, taste, and smell may be altered
Occipital lobe- sight may become blurry or distorted
Temporary lobe- Short term memory loss is caused by smoking marijuana
Frontal lobe- Personality and emotions toward a person can change widely while high
Drug Schedule
What is a schedule drug?

What schedule is my drug?

Why is my drug that schedule?
Marijuana and the Brain

Main control center of the body
Responsible for all bodily actions
Messages to and from are controlled by neurons
(Sweeney, 1)
(Sweeney 1,2)
Cerebellum-Your balance can be affected and your posture tends to be more laid back
Limbic System-Emotions can vary a lot while smoking and may change rapidly
Brain stem- Signals sent back to the cerebellum are blocked by THC in the bloodstream.
Cerebrum- Heart rate and breath rate may speed up or slow down
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